Where and What is Krakow all about!

What is Krakow History?

Krakow is a splendid city in southern Poland. Located along the Vistula river in Lesser Poland Voivodeship. For many centuries, it was the largest Polish city. In fact, until 1596, it was the Polish capital! Today, Cracow is the second-largest … Read More

Where is Krakow?

Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland and its previous capital. But where is Krakow? It is situated in southern Poland in the stunning Lesser Poland region. Krakow keeps getting more and more popular among tourists from all over the … Read More

Christmass Market

Everything you need to know about Krakow Christmas Market

Poland’s oldest and second largest city, Krakow, is beautiful all year round, but it turns into a fairytale destination during Christmas time. December is one of the best times to visit Krakow, when the city is decorated with Christmas lights … Read More

Chrismas Market is coming to Krakow!

Like every year, Krakow’s City Hall invites you to visit one of the most charming Cristmas Markets in Europe! … Read More


Alicante (Spain) and Brussels-Charleroi (Belgium) are two new destinations which are going to be available directly from Balice from spring 2010 – it was announced at the beginning of December by Krakow Balice Airport authorities. … Read More


For the most people who arrive to Cracow from abroad, the first place they get know and experience in the city is Krakow Airport. That’s why Balice is sometimes called a showopiece of the city and a redesigning it was … Read More


The Finish of the 66th Tour de Pologne, the biggest cycling stage race in Poland, will take place in Krakow for a second time in a row. Competitors, after a week of cycling, having more than 1000 km in their … Read More


Statues in Fronger Park in Oslo. Surprised that there is so easy to get Krakow As the city is growing and developing, new connections from/to our airport – Balice – are established. A well known Irish carrier, Ryanair, confirmed two … Read More


Isn’t temperature outside too high recently? If you think so also, why don’t try something completely different than one more summer day in the city? Let say – something underground. Sounds a little bit scary? Don’t be affraid, it is … Read More


This Krakow differs from the one from tourist brochures, although it is not less true. You can feel the energy here, not, as in case of cafes on the Main Square, melancholy Even if we do not have any reason … Read More