Ojcow National Park Tour

Romantic castles, picturesque valleys, oddly shaped rocks, bats, butterflies and Jurassic caves.

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It might sound like the scenery from an adventure movie or a gothic video but it’s actually what Ojcow National Park is like. A strategic point in the history of the medieval days Ojcow later became forgotten.

With all its assets it certainly doesn’t get attention deserved but not being followed by crowds offers a unique experience for those who choose to give Ojcow a chance. You might meet animals like beaver, badger, ermine or one from the 15 species of bats, but if you won’t, beautiful cliffs, ravines and rock formations will make it up for you.

Castle Pieskowa Skala near Krakow
Castle Pieskowa Skala near Krakow

You will visit also famous Pieskowa Skała Castle, The Chapel of St. Joseph the craftsmen called also The Chapel on the Water, the ruins of the gothic castle in Ojców and discover the wonders of nature such as The Club of Hercules in Ojcowski National Park.

Hidden gem - Kresy Vineyard

After exploring and getting to know the nature of Ojcow National Park, why not get a taste of it, too? Wine has been considered to be nature’s gift to humanity for thousands of years. A perfect choice of refreshment after physical exercise, it only makes sense to consider a visit to Kresy Vineyard!

Kresy Vineyard is a product of passion, born out of defiance against a common sense of “you surely can’t grow grapes in these mountains!” A proof that with enough dedication, nothing is impossible, even against all the odds. If you are curious how such wine might taste, you are in luck! To relax and unwind after the trip to Ojcow National Park, we invite you to a wine tasting. This is your chance to not only experience the local regional grapes, but also interesting and curious snacks. The lesser-polish hospitality is unmatched, and you will understand why! 

Some people are curious about wine tasting, but anxious to try it because of snobbish reputation of the hobby. Do not worry! One of the missions of Kresy Vineyard is to remove any gatekeeping from the hobby, welcoming anybody who is willing to give it a try. You don’t have to be a wine expert to understand what will be happening. The whole event will is both expert and newcomer-friendly, with rich commentary and hands-on approach adapted to individual visitors. This is not a one-sided lecture, but a conversation; a conversation with somebody very passionate, friendly, and knowledgeable. You are certain to learn something cool and interesting. It is always fun to listen to somebody who sincerely loves the topic they are talking with you about! 

Of course, many people who hear about “wine-tasting” imagine it to be just a few minutes of drinking and nothing much beyond that. However, this is not the case. Not only are you going to receive a chance to taste some of the best wine Poland has to offer and listen to wine-scholar’s commentary, but you will also be able to explore the Vineyard and the farm itself! It is a great chance to see how and where the wine is made, and how does the live in a vineyard looks. Consider this to be an extension of your adventure into Ojcow National Park, as humans are not the only residents of the farm. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to meet the local owl? Befriend a hare, meet some ducks? There are many furry and fluffy friends to meet!

When the tasting is done and you said your goodbyes to the beautiful nature of Ojcow, we will take you back to Krakow. You don’t have to worry about anything, and can instead focus on your well-deserved rest.

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