Ojcow National Park Tour

Ojcow Krakow National Park Tour

Romantic castles, picturesque valleys, oddly shaped rocks, bats, butterflies and Jurassic caves.

Krakow tours by minivan Krakow ToursIt might sound like the scenery from an adventure movie or a gothic video but it’s actually what Ojcow National Park is like. A strategic point in the history of the medieval days Ojcow later became forgotten. With all its assets it certainly doesn’t get attention deserved but not being followed by crowds offers a unique experience for those who choose to give Ojcow a chance. You might meet animals like beaver, badger, ermine or one from the 15 species of bats, but if you won’t, beautiful cliffs, ravines and rock formations will make it up for you.

You will visit also famous Pieskowa Skała Castle, The Chapel of St. Joseph the craftsmen called also The Chapel on the Water, the ruins of the gothic castle in Ojców and discover the wonders of nature such as The Club of Hercules in Ojcowski National Park.

Avaliable on: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Price includes
Door to door transportation +
English speaking driver +
Insurance +
Entrace Fees to the castle in Pieskowa Skała +
Lunch set +
Pickup hours: 8:30 - 9:30 Duration: 4 hours