Krakow Tours

Krakow Tours

Must See Krakow Tours

Mr. Shuttle former KrakowShuttle offers a wide selection of Krakow Tours. All of the services listed below are door to door and all-inclusive. That means that there are no hidden costs and that you will be picked up and dropped off directly from/to your hotel.


Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour

Combined Auschwitz and Salt Mine tour. All in one day with lunch during the trip.

from 98 € per person
Nowa Huta in Krakow

Nowa Huta Premium Tour

Visit Krakow’s biggest district, built in the 1950’s as socialist utopian ideal city

from 91 € per person

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Unesco listed, one od the most popular sight in Krakow

from 61€ per person

Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour

Combined Auschwitz and Salt Mine tour. All in one day with lunch during the trip.

from 98 € per person

Auschwitz-Birkenau Day Tour

Our regular tour to Auschwitz concentration camp, with door-to-door service.

from 54 € per person

Auschwitz-Birkenau tour (transport only)

Every day tour to Auschwitz, with private car (transport only)

from 142 € per group

Private tour Auschwitz-Birkenau

Full flexibility and comfort for you needs

from 264 € per group

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Clients Testimonials
  • samwW3170JZ

    The Auschwitz tour was super engaging and brilliantly done considering the nature of the place, and the tour around the mines was much better and more interesting than I was expecting

  • michaelhV9689FB

    No hassle booking. Confirmation the night before highlighting time of pick up. Driver spoke excellent English and we were well informed throughout the day of when and where to be. A very moving start to the tour with the morning spent at Auschwitz and Birkenhau. Horrific but very informative. Then a quick break and a pack lunch, which was lovely. Afternoon spent at the salt mines which again was very informative and an amazing place to see. Would highly recommend this tour.

  • bobstertj

    This is a trip not to be missed. We booked the tour of Auschwitz, Birkenau and Wieliczka from the UK and read several reviews of previous tours. Although we knew that it was going to be a long day, the tour was so engrossing, moving and well organised that it was hard to believe that it lasted 12 hours. On the coach journey to Auschwitz from Krakow a video of the liberation of the camp gave a graphic reminder and set the emotional tone for the visit to the two camps. The tour driver/guide was excellent throughout the day and provided detailed explanation and descriptions of the camps and answered questions. As this was mid-January, the queues were not long and the places relatively uncrowded. However, this being January it was worth being prepared for being out in the open for much of the time and for a lot of walking - warm clothes were essential. The salt mine visit provided a welcome contrast at the end of the day. Lots of steps down and then a waking tour through the passages and hollowed out chambers. It was well guided by a humorous member of the mine staff. And it was warmer underground than outside! We had visited a bakery in Krakow to get breakfast to take with us before being picked up from outside our apartment at 7.45am The packed lunch was fine and there were opportunities to grab a coffee during the breaks. Thank you to our guide for pacing the day well and dropping us back to our apartment at the end of the day.

Krakow City Tours


Krakow Highlights – Private City Ride

Discover Krakow with our 2 hour private ride. See all the Highlights

from 114 € per group
Wieliczka Salt & Shindlers Factory Tour

Wieliczka Salt Mine & Schindler’s Factory Tour

Our Premium Tour is an option for those, who want to see a little bit more

from 110 € per person
Krakow City

Krakow City Walk

Join our certified local guides for a breathtaking trip back in time.

from 160 € per group

Shooting Tour

Why not making your stay a little bit more exciting and try our shooting tour.

from 121 € per person
Krakow Evening Folk Tour

Evening Folk Tour

Our Bestseller… Discover Polish tradition and cuisine in one evening.

from 77 € per person
gate of Oskar Schindler's factory in Krakow

Krakow Memorial Route Tour

Visit with us 3 museums in one day: Schindlers Factory, Under the Eagle Pharmacy and Pomorska Museum.

from 75 € per person

Krakow is full of sightseeing opportunities. Approaching Krakow City on your own is a daunting task. Where to start? How to plan a route that balances getting the most out of sightseeing while respecting your time? Our Local Tours are an answer to all of these problems, leaving you in hands of experienced, passionate guides.

With our help, you will understand in no time why Krakow is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities. Not only in Poland but in entire Europe.

Even a single, short City Walk is enough to glimpse a vast world of cultures, nationalities, and traditions that made the town it what it is today. If you want to explore the town and its history further, there are a plethora of thematic local tours to choose from. 

Evening Folk Tour is a splendid choice for those wanting to take a deep dive into Polish tradition and cuisine. Krakow Memorial Route Tour is essential for those interested in the history of World War 2, including three important museums – Schindler’s Factory, Under The Eagle Pharmacy and Pomorska Museum. For those wanting to understand the everyday life during the Soviet period of history, Communism Tour will be the most insightful. Do remember that not everything about Krakow can be seen – that is why our tour guides will be ready to fill you in, providing necessary historical and cultural context. Perhaps they will even share some of the city’s well-guarded secrets with you?

Day tours & trips from Krakow

Mr. Shuttle offers tours and great adventures outside of the town.

Cracow city is also a great starting point for exploring the local region. One day trips and tours are specifically designed to scratch that itch. Want to see Pope John Paul’s 2 house in Wadowice? Get to know Gorals in Zakopane? Or visit Czestochowa? We have one-day trips for that, and for much more!

When looking for interesting things to visit and see outside of Cracow City, we recommend booking Auschwitz or Salt Mine tours. If you cannot decide which one you want to see more, you can always take a combined one day tour! 

If you want to witness the majestic glory and beauty of the Tatras Mountains, make sure to check out the Zakopane Tour. Wadowice, Czestochowa and Zywiec Beer Museum are all in arms reach. With Mr. Shuttle’s help, you don’t have to worry about transport to and from your destination. And if you can’t decide on which place to see, perhaps take a look at all of them or just ask a quick question on chat or via email, we would love to help you. 

Mountain Spa Tour from Krakow

Mountain Spa Tour

Enjoy a relaxing escape from the city to the relaxing hot springs at the foothills of the Tatra.

from 121 € per person
Warsaw City Tour

Warsaw City Tour

Our Warsaw Tour is a day packed with sightseeing and excitement – all for a reasonable price

from 225€ per person
Ojcow National Park Tour from Krakow

Ojcow National Park Tour

Romantic castles, picturesque valleys, oddly shaped rocks, bats, butterflies and Jurassic caves.

from 80 € per person
Beer Factory

Zywiec Beer Museum Tour

Have you seen a beer label with the dancing folk couple?

from 103 € per person
Winter mountains panorama of Zakopane, High Tatra Mountains

Zakopane Tour

During your one day trip you will be able to see stunning views of Tatra mountains.

from 123 € per person
Energylandia Amusment Park

Energylandia Amusment Park

One day tour to the one of the best Amusement park in Europe for Kraków

from 114 € per person
Here are few things which make us special:

Free cancelation

Up to 24h befeore the tour you can cancellwith no extra fees

Free Hotel Pickup

We will always pick you up and drop you off at your place of stay

Lunch Available

We always serve lunch on our full day tours so you don't have to look after your belly

Skip the lines

With us, you don't have to stand in the line we have the tours prebooked

Catholic Tours form Krakow

Aerial drone view on Czestochowa and Jasna Gora monastery.

The Black Madonna Tour

The town is known for the famous Paulist Monastery and Jasna Gora.

from 107 € per person
Wadowice John Paul II statue

John Paul II Heritage Tour

See three of the most important Catholic pilgrimage destinations in Poland – all in one day!

from 98 € per person

On our travel blog:

What to do in Krakow – top 10 list

Here is a our blog post about the top 10 things to do in Kraków so if you have some time. Have a look it’s a short read. 

10 things to do and see in Krakow by Mr. Shuttle

Krakow Communism Tours

Soviet Flag grange - Communsim Deluxe Tour

Communism Deluxe Tour

Good bye Capitalism, the Communist era is back!

from 75€ per person
communism symbol, hammer, sickle, star, and wreath - comminism tour krakow

Communism Tour

Good bye Capitalism, the Communist era is back!

from 75€ per person
Nowa Huta in Krakow

Nowa Huta Premium Tour

Visit Krakow’s biggest district, built in the 1950’s as socialist utopian ideal city

from 91 € per person

Krakow Holidays Packages

Krakow in a nutshell & Zakopane

Krakow in a nutshell & Zakopane

Visit Top Krakow’s attraction and Zakopane in 3 days!

from 131€ /person
Krakow in a nutshell

Krakow in a nutshell

Visit Top Krakow’s attraction in 3 days!

from 108€ per person
Krakow Main Square Market

Krakow 4 day Package

Is it possible to see whole Krakow in four days!?

From 213€ per person
Krakow CITY main square view

Krakow 3 day Package

We will take you for the Tours to Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Salt Mine

from 150€ /person

Cracow is a great choice when you are in a mood for a city break. The town is active all year round, so chances are you will always find something interesting and enjoyable going on. Many couples decide to spend their Valentine’s Day here, tapping into the romantic side of the town. Families will generally enjoy the city regardless of the season. You can find many packages and offers specifically tailored to making everyone enjoy their stay. Both parents and children will have something to look for. One of the best benefits of going for a larger and longer package, such as Krakow In A Nutshell, is that you get to experience the essentials of Cracow in a way that saves both time and money.