Good bye Capitalism, the Communist era is back! The relics of the Soviet influence are waiting for you to explore them.

Take a ride in an East German Trabant and visit Nowa Huta, the old Communist district built around the steelworks, have fun at an authentic Communist Disco and Crazy Communist Farm. Our energetic Crazy Guides will get you off the beaten path and show you the true sights that most visitors only read about.

All of our customers are equal, but some are more equal than others. If you fancy yourself as more of a Communist bigwig than an everyday Socialist worker, then take this expanded version of our standard Communism Tour, which apart from the regular Nowa Huta – communist district visit includes a trip to a Communist-era restaurant and a guided visit at our private museum. You’ll get a first hand taste of everyday life in Poland during the 1970s in our exclusive and unchanged genuine Communist apartment.