welcome_world-airport-transfers_comWorld-Airport-Transfers.com is a new, very interesting web service about airports all over the world. You can find there not only offers of transport from an airport – for example London Heathrow – to the city but also many useful and updated information connected to traveling by plane.

What is the most valuable in the World-Airport-Transfers.com it’s a catalogue of companies which offer a transfers from/to airports worldwide. The catalogue is nicely organized and logically linked so it’s really easy to find what you are interested in. Main content is divided by continents, and than by countries. Every country has its cities/airports listed too. If there is an active link with a transfer offer in a database, you can see it, click and be connected directly to the website of a company operating particular destination. You think this procedure is easy? So do we: it is.

Currently there are about 30 links in a database and it’s still growing.

But as we said, transfers offers it’s not everything you can find on the website, salt dough handprint because there is a lot of interesting articles about airports and aviation in general meaning. What are results of the latest 2009 World Airport Awards? Which are the biggest ones according to the number of passengers? When was JFK Terminal opened? You will find answers to all that questions in a section of features.

If reading is not enough for you, you can also submit your own article or/and link to a website offering from/to airport service all over the world. Feel how satisfying is to be an author and share your experience and passion for aviation. What else? See more at www.world-airport-transfers.com and find the best airport transport across the globe.