Auschwitz Birkenau – History Worth Visiting

Auschwitz Birkenau is one of the most recommended experiences when visiting Krakow. There are few historical landmarks as important as Auschwitz. Countless visitors pay their respects there every year. 2020, despite coronavirus pandemic, is no different.  


Getting to Auschwitz Safely

When you decide to go to Auschwitz with MrShuttle, you can count on the best possible service available. In order to keep up our game, we not only observe all the necessary sanitary guidelines and regulations but go one step beyond and above. Anything that could potentially come in contact with either the driver or the passengers is carefully washed, cleaned, and disinfected after each ride.


We pay extra attention to door handles and safety belts. After all, you will touch them multiple times, so we cannot afford to put you in danger. Some might think we are overzealous, but we take no risks and accept no compromises. In fact, we ozonize cars every day, just to make sure. With MrShuttle, you can rest easy. For extra safety, we disinfect the car before taking you back to Krakow, too. If you forgot your own hand sanitizer or gel, don’t worry. Our drivers have more than enough of those and will gladly share it with you.

Safety Regulations at Auschwitz Birkenau


 In the Auschwitz itself, a lot has changed. However, one thing remains the same. You will be able to see as much as you would be before COVID-19. Tours didn’t get shorter, and you will not miss anything. Visiting Auschwitz now is as good as always. Our friends at the museum did their best to not sacrifice anything from the tour while still maintaining the highest possible sanitary standard. They deserve great respect!

To maximize the museum’s capacity of visitors, a clever solution was designed. There are many groups simultaneously in the museum! Visitors are divided into groups, which take different routes through Auschwitz. Everything is planned very carefully so that they never meet. To make sure everything goes according to the plan, always listen to the guide! Do not wander around on your own. Listen to all instructions from the guides. 


Do not forget your mask, because you will be required to wear it for the entirety of the tour! During the tour, you have to be always ready to listen to any instructions from the staff. During your entire stay, you will have to respect the basic rules of social distancing – keep your distance from other people, do not touch anything you don’t have to. 


When entering Auschwitz, do not be surprised by an obligatory security check. You will have to wash your hands with a special hand sanitizer. You will also have to pass a disinfection sluice. This way, your clothes get disinfected too! If you think these are too much, think again. They are in place not to inconvenience you, but to make absolutely sure that any risk is as close to 0% as possible.

Thanks to these regulations and solutions, you will be able to experience Auschwitz fully. Just remember to listen to the staff, keep your distance, and don’t wander off the routes. By doing so, you are not only risking yourself, but also the others. 

Going Home With MrShuttle


After your tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau will end, our driver will wait for you and take you home. If you are uncertain about visiting Aushwitz during your stay in Krakow, stop! There is no reason to miss this experience. You will see exactly the same things you would see outside of the pandemic. In fact, because of the extra space and smaller groups, you might actually find it more enjoyable than it would be normally. Auschwitz is one of the most popular tours in Poland, so normally, you would have to deal with masses of people!