Visiting Auschwitz & Birkenau in 2020

New Rules Regarding Auschwitz Birkenau Reservations

The year 2020 opens with some very important changes regarding visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau. If you want to come and see the famous museum, make sure to read up and stay tuned. 

Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum decided to put into motion new regulations regarding purchasing and reserving tickets for both solo visitors and groups. The new rules came into life on 02.01.2020, so make sure that you understand what changed!

Under the new regulations, all the tickets and reservations will require personal details and information. This includes the tickets bought in person and online. 

When entering Auschwitz, you will be asked to provide ID that can confirm the personal details used to make your reservation. You might be also asked to show your ID at random points of your trip, so make sure to carry it on you all the time. 

Additionally, we heartily suggest booking your tour as fast as you can. If possible, try to aim for three months in advance. While it is technically possible to find an open spot five days before the planned visit, it is not very realistic in practice. We recommend getting your tickets between two months and, at the very worst, two weeks ahead. Anything less than that might lead to unneeded complications. Or, even worse, not being able to see the Museum at all during your stay.

Why are Auschwitz Museum regulations being changed?

There are two reasons for these changes. 

One is that trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau became incredibly popular in the past two years, and Museum is adapting to the increased flow of visitors. 

The second reason is connected to the first one. Because there are so many new visitors, some underhanded people decided to target them for profit. They abused the online reservation system of tickets. First, they reserve many tickets so that no open slots are left, and then they sell them to people who have no other options left. Then, they cancel the rest of the tickets. 

So please be careful! Open slots might suddenly disappear in a matter of minutes. Be wary of second-hand “last minute” tickets. By purchasing one, you might not only be supporting the scammers but also potentially become scammed yourself. Museum declared a policy of absolute no-refunds when refusing entry to bearers of suspicious tickets. Do not be fooled.

To be certain that everything is right with your tickets and that they come from a legal source, you have two options:

  • You may purchase them directly from Auschwitz Museum
  • You can purchase them indirectly from a place confirmed to get them for their clients using fair and legal channels

Why would you ever want to choose the second option? For your own convenience. If you choose to organize your trip with Krakow Shuttle, we can make sure that it is possible to arrange transport for you on the day of your trip. This way, we can communicate better and make the entire process smoother. However, remember that what we are doing is essentially buying the tickets for you in your name – we will still need to provide the Museum with your personal information! We also do not “stockpile” tickets, which is why we advise you to ask for them in advance.

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