Trip to Warsaw from Krakow – our tips

You are staying in Krakow for a couple of days and you feel like visiting Warsaw for one day?  No worries, that will be really easy!

How you can get there:

1. Book your train tickets on Polish Rail’s website Journey takes around 3 hours one way, trains run from 6 am until 10 pm.

2. Book your one day Warsaw Tour with our company – see more details here.

3. Book your private van directly from Krakow for entire day — you will have your priavte chhauffeur all day long! For more details please contact us.

Once you get there, don’t forget to visit these places:

1. Old Town
2. Lazienki Park
3. St Anna’s Church
4. Castle Square
5. Wilanow Palace Museum

If you feel like visiting museums, here you can find our pick:

First to mention would be The Copernicus Center of Science. It is not a museum however, because of the experience You can not omit this site when visiting Warsaw It is a very new object, opened in 2010.

It gives first hand feel on the laws of nature that We know from books but usually don’t have full understanding on how they impact our lives. This place allows visitor to get to know reasons of our fears, how our senses interact with our environment, and how the clandestine world of criminal science works. The presentation is completed with a state of the art planetarium, larded with the newest technology, able to show the farthest reaches of our universe. If You would like to visit this please have in mind that it is very popular and even on weekdays You have to get there as soon as possible to omit queues and to be able to spend more than couple of hours there.

For the final destination we’ve chosen the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Located in a former tram depot, it is a tribute to those who fought and died for the freedom of Poland and its capital during the uprising in 1944. Equipped in sound and image depicts ever day life and struggle of participants in relation to international situation and the post-war communist terror that build its foundations on wrecked and beaten Warsaw. Opened on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprisings, the museum takes You on a journey supported by pictures, videos, sound recording, memorabilia and facts to give a full spectrum of all things connected with that horrible event. To name the most important attractions of the museum We have to mention a full scale replica of the bomber B- 24J Liberator. Another one is a full sized reconstruction of an sewage, displaying the way that fighter used to move between districts of Warsaw,  blocked by the Nazis. When You go in side You can first hand experience perspective of people beneath the streets overwhelmed by fighting. As a final exclamation point You can see a 3D movie showing ashes of our capital after the uprising.

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