Things to do in Krakow — our list of top 10 attractions


Planning a trip to Krakow and you do not know what the most to see? Below you will find our subjective ranking of the top 10 things to do that heartily recommend:

1. Feel like a king / queen of the Wawel Royal Castle. Visit the castle of Polish kings, royal apartments, treasury and admire beautiful tapestries and rich Renaissance decoration. In some months Wawel offers limited free entry – for more information click here

2. Discover lost Krakow’s Kazimierz. Visit the former Jewish District: Old Synagogue, Jewish Museum Galicya and Szeroka Street. Eat at one of Jewish Restaurants and have a drink in Alchemia or Singer on Nowy Square – 2 oldest bars in Kraizmierz. More about Galicia Museum – click here.

3. Listen to the bugle call and see Mary’s altar by Wit Stwosz in St. Mary’s Church. Walk around the Main Market Square and buy flowers from one of the Krakow’s famous florists. If you have enough time, visit Krakow Undergroun Exhibition which is located under the Main Market Square (entrance is located inside the Sukiennice). Please click here for more information.

4. Buy souvenirs at Sukiennice (Cotton Hall) and feel like in XVI Century. Our top choice are: wooden boxes, amber jewelry and wooden toys.

5. Discover famous Schindler’s Factory — one of the most interesting museums in Poland. Walk there or book Memorial Tour by KrakowShuttle. check official website for more details.

6. Have a walk to Podgorze through footbridge Bernatka and enjoy great views. In Podgorze you can find charming restaurants and bars — and you will notice that there are only Poles over there so you will feel like a local.

7. Look at the top and fly in a baloon. Discover how Cracow looks like from a different perspective. Once you will find a balloon check Forum Przestrzenie – one of the most popular bar in Krakow located in the abandoned hotel Forum. There’s a beach in the summer, a rink during the winter and lots of attractions all year around. Book your flight here.

8. Visit Salt Mine and discover an extraordinary world carved in salt. Book your tour by KrakowShuttle here.

9. Discover flea markets in Krakow and buy unique souvenirs. Clothins, shoes and accessories on every Sunday at Nowy Square (Jewish District), antiques, books and vinyls on every Sunday at Grzegorzecka Street (tram stop Hala Targowa), food and groceries every day at Stary Kleparz (Basztowa Street).

10. Enjoy Polish Tastes and have a traditional Polish lunch or dinner. Must-try: borscht, dumplings, pork chops, potato pancakes and famous desserts and pastries. If you find a bagel-mama with tradtionnal vending-trolley try a bagel with sesame or salt.

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