19th Jewish Culture Festival begins in the nearest Saturday in Krakow (Kazimierz). It will be held till July 5th. In the agenda there are a lot of events, conserts, performances art workshops and whatever you like. The biggest one is “Shalom on Szeroka” (July 4th) – the world’s largest Jewish concert.

As it was annonced last week, Jewish Culture Festival took 1st place in the questionnaire “What is the best product for tourists in Krakow”. And what’s interesting the question was answered by both – Cracovians and tourists.

The First Festival took place in 1988 and its program focused on a scholarly conference on the encounter between two cultures, Jewish and Polish. Till now a formula has developed to an outstanding, very heterogeneous and colourful fest for not only Jews and Poles but all people who like an cultural entertainment on the highest level.

For over a week, Kazimierz will resound with synagogue song, klezmer music, and Hasidic, classical, and Jewish folk music. There are films, performances, presentations, and exhibitions to see and stories told by the Jews about their culture to listen to. Last year during the grand finale concert on Szeroka Street there was around 13 000 who were enjoying the music on the biggest jewish stage on in the world. It is a real “Jewish Woodstock” in the heart of the eternal 14th-century city of Kazimierz.

The most important artists of this year’s “Shalom on Szeroka” are: Balkan Beat Box, the scintillating group that combines Jewish, Balkan, and Arab traditions with the help of powerful dance rhythms and  Cukunft – Raphael Roginski’s band playing contemporary version of Hasidic wedding music from Galicia. Furthermore the Festival AllStar Orchestra led by Frank London.

What else during whole 19th Jewish Culture Festival? Take a look at the program. We can recommend especially workshops: of Yiddish and Hebrew language and singing, klezmer music, jewish cooking or even calligraphy. Also a lot of tours which are dedicated to Festival’s participants could be very interesting – for example “Jewish Krakow” or “In the Footsteps of the Krakow Rabbis”.

But what is announced above is only a small piece of 19th Jewish Culture Festival. Nine long days (and nights) you just can’t miss in Krakow is coming. Enjoy!

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the_hottest_thing_in_krakow_11On the roof. A concert from years behind [photo:]

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