If you haven’t seen it yet, it should be your duty to go and see new Wawel Castle illuminatios as soon as it is possible. It’s just so breathtaking that you can’t miss it. The brand new Cracow’s highlight has been preparing by the engineers for a few months and cost about 1,8 mln PLN (about 600K USD). A result is worth the prize.

The Royal Castle on Wawel Hill is now illuminated by over 500 spotlights. The installation has been developed in details and is fully energy-efficient and energy-saving (altought of course it sounds quite funny if you read that 520 bulbs is working to save the planet).

Hundreds of spotlights were put together for two months. A necessary condition to do it succesfuly was to assemble over 13 km of electric cables, to raise 6 masts and poles and establish two specially dedicated power supply stations.

Nothing was done accidentally. The most illuminated parts of Wawel Hill are those which are the most spectacular – Royal Castle, Cathedral (the brightes are towers) and highest points of the hill – gothic wall towers, called “Lubranka”, “Sandomierska” and “Zlodziejska”.

The best point to see and admire the illuminated castle in all it’s glory are River Wisla Boulevards (from the west side of the Castle). But it might be also interesting to take a look from Planty and following streets Podzamcze and Kanonicza (from the North) as well as Grodzka and St. Gertrude’s (from the East).

If you like it, we have another good information – Cracow mayors don’t stop on Wawel and there are some preparations to illuminate also River Wisla Boulevards. An inauguration is scheduled for the end of September. We’re looking forward to it impatiently.  Let there be light!

More pictures of illuminated Wawel you can find here.
More about Wawel Castle:

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