During the nearest weekend (August 29-30) there is a really interesting fest scheduled in Cracow – the final of 5th Malopolska Taste Festival. The event presents manufacturers of food and of agricultural food products from across region. Visitors who come to Wolnica Square (Kazimierz District) on Saturday and/or Sunday could taste and test Polish culinary tradition.

It starts officially at 10 a.m. and after an hour the gustation begins. All participants could vote for the best, the most delicious products presented by restaurant-keepers and farmers. Prizes will be awarded in four categories: “Organic delicacy”, “Traditional dainty”, “Legendary delicacies” and “Cooked as a Mom used to”. But the competition is only one part of the Festival.

The other attractions are for instance a live show of cooking and preparing dishes by teams representing Cracow restaurants (including their chefs), big common soup cooking (starts on Sunday at 12.40), concerts (among others there will be a famous klezmer band, Jasha Liberman Trio), quiz shows for children and their parents and meetings with culinary experts.

One of the most extraordinary and originally point of the agenda is something called “Wearing Vegatable Bona Queen”. Sounds weirdly? Let us explain: Bona (her “fully name” is Bona Sforza d’Aragona) was the second wife of Sigismund the Old, King of Poland in the 16th Century. She came to Cracow from Italy (she was Duchess of Bari) and became famous of her impact on Polish cuisine. Among others, also political, worths, she brought to Poland many vagetables and culinary customs, unknown in Poland before. So once more: what is “Wearing Vegatable Bona Queen”? A performance of building a 3,5 meters high monument of the Queen by using vegetables.

Source (unfortunately only in Polish): http://www.wrotamalopolski.pl/

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