Stud farm as a tourist attraction


Krakow and its surroundings are the perfect place for a horse riding. Very diverse terrain, stunning views and natural wealth of the Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska make that the amateurs of this activity visit this area very often.


What is all about?

Horses was for a man main transport by centuries.  Along with the industrial revolution and use of trains, cars, motorbikes, and then other vehicles, traveling by horse slowly lose its importance. Currently, horses can be found mostly in villages and small towns and studs and are using mainly for sport and recreation. The growth of interest in the horse riding starts in the period of recognition horse riding as a sport discipline and a production of the western movies. There was also founded therapeutic nature of horse riding and game with horses, which resulted in the creation of hippotherapy idea. Of course, all these trends developed mainly on the international ground, but very fast came also to Poland. Currently, riding is not just an interesting way to explore the closest area, but also a sport that requires a good physical condition and is a source of pleasure and relax.


There are the following forms of the sport:


  • Carriage – one of the oldest competition, rider is sitting in a vehicle and directs the horse, pairor four horses


  • Long-haul rides – In this competition rider and horse must overcome a certain distance of several kilometers in the shortest time.


  • Reining – competition riding western-style involving the most accurate driving scheme (called in reining pattern)


  • Show jumping – In this competition, the horse and rider overcome the obstacles placed on the track called parkour with the least number of errors


  • Dressage – Olympic equestrian competition, where the horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements, called the figures on a square arena, called the quadrangle


  • Eventing (Versatile Horse Competition) – made ​​up of many different stages of the three-day event check the skills of horse and rider in almost every respect


  • Equestrian Vaulting – gymnastics and acrobatics on horseback galloping or-occurring maintained on the lunge.


Mostly in every major city or around there is a horse riding center or stud, where you can sign up for individual riding lessons or group riding courses. Some of them has to offer not only the science of preparing to ride, ride on the lunge and open-air riding, but also various equestrian competitions, games and activities included in the classes in the field of psychotherapy, horse coaching or team building and incentive tours.

You can find this and many many more atractions for example in the Ewex Stud in Trzyciąż near Krakow. The object also offers rooms for rent for people interested in longer stay in company of horses.

Another stud in the Lesser Poland, only few kilometers from Krakow Center,  is the Stud Over Rudawa. It’s ideal place for people interested in equestrian sports. It offers vast areas suitable for learning jumping workouts.

In turn, Krakow Riding Club MUSTANG, collected mainly advanced riders is one of the pioneer in preparation for participation in professional competitions and horses dressage.


Current information about current contests, competitions and equestrian training can be found on the webpage of Malopolska Equestrian Federation: The resort is also responsible for issuing certificates for equestrian centers in Malopolska and examination of professional riders as well as promotions of new trends of the field horsemanship, including riding styles like west riding and natural horsemanship.


For people who are looking for something more, an interesting idea are also stables and studs modeled on western-ranch, where you can not just parade around in a cowboy’ costume, but also learn the riding style or ride by horse to a special bar. One of ours recommdation is John West Ranch in Zabrze-Rokitnica, in the Silesian province, located about 1.5 hours by car from Krakow. The place is especially recommended during Hubertus holiday [holiday for hunters, foresters and riders, organized by the riders at the end of the riding season about 3rd November].


In summary: a trip to the stud may be the ideal form of active leisure for singles and families with children or group of friends. A wide range of services allows to choose an activity, in which we feel is best.


How to get there:

Most studs are located is in the vicinity of main roads, which causes no problems with access by car or by city bus and so on. Krakowshuttle can arrange for you a private transfer to and from the stud.



before the first visit to the stud, make sure by phone, what you should wear and take it with you. Most important are: comfortable shoes covering the ankles, elastic pants and proper jacket and a scarf or shawl. At the place you will be also equipped with a protective riding toque. It is recommended to avoid strong perfumes, jewelry and other hanging items, and leave the whole meals in the locker room.

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