Today we have something for all shopaholics, who – despite of all the others tourist attractions – love to visit best shopping spots in the city. Probably, girls from Sex in The City could be a bit dissapointent as there are not many posh fashion designer stores in Krakow but we are sure that you will wind something interresting and original (and if you fancy) made in Poland

Great tip for the beginning! Dear husbands and boyfriends:  at all the spots listed in this article there’s at least one bar/coffe shop nearby where you can have a drink surf online and wait for your beloved one 🙂

1. Polish Fashion designers visit Forum Przestrzenie (great bar located in the former Hotel Forum next to the Vistula River) and check out fashion store colled “>Forum Mody You can find over there great variety of polish clothing designers, jewelry and handbags. Next door, there’s also another streetwear shop where you can look for sneakers and check out latest collection of popular Polish brand MISBHV (made in Krakow).

2. Vintage stores,perfumesm, original jewelry and hand made stuff Go to Jozefa Street (Jewish District) and visit tiny stores and galleries located over there. You can also find over there fancy souvenir stores so if you’re looking for something original that’s a great adress. If you’re in Krakow on Sunday, go to Plac Nowy (Nowy Square, suurounded by bars and restaurants like Alchemia, Singer and many more) and check out flea market — we promise you will find there cool vintage bags, dresses and many more.

3. Brand stores in Old Town Depending what are you looking for, check out Grodzka, Szewska and Florianska Street. You will find there international brands like: Promod, Orsay, Intimissimi, Benetton etc, as well as Polish popular brands like Reserved. If you are looking for something more posh, then visit Pasaż 13 — you will find there Diesel, Bagatt, Stefanel, and many more.

If you’re looking for something more original, then check out Tomasza Street (eg. Echo, Polish jewelry Lilou), Bracka nd Golebia street.

4. Last but not least: Shopping Malls in Krakow. Two of them are located next to the Old Town and can be reached by foot. First one (and bigger), called Galeria Krakowska is located next to he Main Railway Station. Over there, you will find 3 levels of various shops: Polish and International Brands. Few of them are: Zara, Benetton, Esprit, Sephora, Pepe Jeans, Promod, CA, and Polish: Reserved, Carry, Simple, Solar and Polish shoes: Rylko, Wojas. A bit smaller, but also cool is Galeria Kazimierz (located next to he Jewish District).
There’s also one outlet located out of Krakow called Factory Outlet If you want to hunt for sales then you will be spoiled over there, as prices start from – 30% from the original ones. KrakowShuttle can give you a lift to the Shopping Village and collect you after you’re done with shopping: please contact us if you need it!