Shooting tours in Krakow


Shooting tours become more popular way of active leisure. Evidence of the growing interest in this kind of relax is an increased number of opening shooting ranges. Also in Kraków you have an opportunity to join with friends offered trips or an individual entrance to the shooting centres or training grounds.


Shooting – what is all about?

‘Shooting’ – this ia a shooting by a special weapon to the chosen target. Initially, the shooting was associated mainly with danger and hostilities or hunting, but quickly became one of the areas of sport and recreation.

The interest in shooting to the target was growing since the end of the nineteenth century, so since the weapon was available for wider group. From this time the first shooting competition consisting mainly target shooting or animal hunting were organized. Soon, international shooting events evolved, including shooting at the Summer Olympics (from 1896) and World Championships (from 1897) International Shooting Sport. It become even the International Shooting Sport Federation, the organisation which main aim is to administrate shooting as a  field of sport and setting up competition rules.


Development of new technologies in the mid-twentieth century and bigger interest in weapon, affected in change in the approach to the shooting topic. Technologies allowed to design and produce safe equipment and accessories, and because of it, mostly anyone, can try recreational shooting. Currently, shooting ranges can be found in almost every major city. A lot of centers offer outdoors shooting, in a special designed or adapted halls, hangars and tunnels. There is also a wide selection of available weapons (bow, crossbow, long guns – rifles, handgun, colts, darts, and special varieties of each corrugated safe and controlled games as ATS or paintball). They also offer specially designed accessories like glasses, vests, gloves, what makes this sport not only exciting, but also safe.


Nowadays, the shooting is practiced in many different variations, not only in the classical form, involving the shooting of various types weapons to the target in a special prepared area. Classic shooting is based on the specified rules – factors, such as: the attitude of the shooter, the distance to the target or target type (target or moving target) are taking into account. At the end of the series, points are summed up, so this kind of shooting activity is often chosen by people who like competition.

For team sports fans, some of shooting centers prepared shooting tracks with obstacles. Variety of games based on the principles of RPG, where you play the role of for example soldier or police officer, and you have to perform the planned mission, are also very popular. Usually to play this kind of game, players use modern equipment like paintball guns (balls with paint or laser), and also the arms on small plastic balls – ATS. Similar offers are particularly popular choice for people looking for an interesting formula for the stag party, integration event or business meeting.


Of course, all the competitions and games with the use of weapons are completely safe for both – the participants and the potential spectacor. Everything is played under the supervision of instructor who gives you detailed instructions how use the guns. In addition, each person participating in a game must wear a special protective vest, goggles, gloves and other equipment. It is also worth to add, that the cartridges are blank, and prepared just for this kind of sport.

In Krakow you can find a wide offer (classic shooting, team shooting, paintball, ATS) for individual clients and groups. The most famous and popular center is shooting range “Krakow Valley” situated in a small village near Krakow, Paczółtowice. This shooting is run by fans of weapons that have all necessary certificates and permits. They do not only promote shootings, but also raising the qualifications of people related to arms in professional life. For those interested: there is a  Shooting Club also.

For interested, Krakowshutttle is offering Shooting Tour consists of the transportattion to the shooting in a small village near Krakow, Paczółtowice and English speaking assistance during the trip, transportation insurance, package of 55 shots (different weapons) and all entrance fees.


Note: Entry from 15 years old!


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