Shooting in Krakow


Krakow is one of the cities where you can never get bored. It has a lot of historical places which are very important to see. Tourists come here every year with a lot of plans to visit all of the most interesting sights. You may think that this city is only for the fans of the history and architecture. If you think so, you are wrong, because it has also attractions which are very modern and interesting for the people who want to do something more exciting than just walking around the old buildings.

One of the activities which you can enjoy in your spare time is shooting. Krakow has a few places where you can practice your skills. A company such as KrakowShuttle can take you for a special Shooting Tour where you will try to shoot from different kinds of weapon. You will have in your hands the following types: two kinds of combat pistols, Kalashnikov rifle, combat revolver Taurus, sport rifle Colt and a very famous pump action shotgun.

KrakowShuttle will pick you up from your hotel and they will transport you directly to the Paczółtowice where you will find the amazing shooting range. You can enjoy it even when the weather is not nice, because it is in a building. All of the KrakowShuttle drivers speak english, so you can have a nice chat with them on the way to Paczółtowice. Your driver will wait for you till you are done with the shooting and he will drive you back to your hotel.

All of that costs are included in the price of the tour. If you are interested, you can also book other tours with that company or an airport transfer from your hotel. If you want, you can also request for a special transfer to any destination you would like to visit during your stay in that marvelous city. Do not hesitate and fill the booking form on the KrakowShuttle website right now. Sometimes you can get a last minute offer for one of the tours, so check them as well. What is more, during the shooting tour, if you enjoy it and would like to shoot some more, there is always a possibility that you can request and buy additional shots from other types of guns. That is really worth it.

Click Here and have a look Shooting Tour page where you can fin more info about the service.

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