For several years Cracow is well known not only of its monuments and history but also festivals. There are two reasons why. Firstly – they are well advertised and presented in media. Secondly – more important – they are splenidid. One of the most splendid is just starting. You can’t miss Sacrum Profanum.

Almost everything connected to this event – places, people, performances – is unusual, unique and exceptional. For example – concerts take place in the former biggest steelworks factory in Poland and artists who performs are, among others, Apex Twin (the founder, Richard David James, is considered the most creative and influential artist in modern electronic music), Chris Cunningham or The Cinamatic Orchestra.

Why there and why them?

The Festival presents masterpieces of contemporary instrumental and vocal-instrumental music. An additional criterion is the place in which they were written in past years, these were works by artists associated with Austria, Russia, France, the United States, recently Germany; and in 2009, we shall hear 20th-century music by British composers. The concerts take place in atypical, post-industrial spaces. This practice contributes to an unprecedented promotion of classical music. For the purposes of the Festival concerts, venues of diverse character are being arranged from the Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic Hall in Kraków, the Oskar Schindler Factory and the Museum of Urban Engineering, to the industrial halls of Nowa Huta.

Yesterday, in Tinn Mill of Nowa Huta Steelworks ArcelorMittal Poland, 7th Sacrum Profanum Festiwal was announced during special press conference. Programme and artists were presented by: Filip Berkowicz (Artistic Director of the Festival), Magdalena Sroka (Director of the Office), Barbara Orzechowska – Klaś (Sacrum Profanum coordinator) and Robert Rozciecha (head of production).

The programme starts since tomorrow (Sunday, 13 September). The first concert is The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Sinfonietta Cracovia in Tin Mill of Nowa Huta Steelworks at 8 pm. After that, late evening (11 pm.)Chris Cunningham will hold live in Łaznia Nowa Theatre.

More information about places and artists you can find at the website (fully in English). There is also a scheduled program to see in details. The organizer is Crakow Festival Office.