For the most people who arrive to Cracow from abroad, the first place they get know and experience in the city is Krakow Airport. That’s why Balice is sometimes called a showopiece of the city and a redesigning it was a subject of many discussions in the authorities. And now we have some good news about it.

As Krakow Airport’s press officers says, there are four companies to design a terminal in Balice: In April this year, the Management of Kraków Airport launched a procedure aimed at selecting the design for the extension of the airport’s international terminal. Sixteen companies presented themselves for the competition, but only seven qualified, met all the conditions, and were invited to submit their bids. Only four of these then filed them before the deadline of August 31st: APA Czech Duliński Wróbel, JSK Architekci, Ove Arup & Partners and Sener – Wizja.

Currently, the designs are being evaluated, which will to take about two months. The criteria taken into consideration include the price (55% of the rating), as well as the functional, transport and architectural solutions of the extended structure. The new part of the terminal must be integrated with the existing parts as well as possible.

The design stage must be completed and all the necessary permits obtained by the end of 2010.  The airport will receive a grant of EUR 1.2 million from the TEN-T programme for the design of the terminal.

Sounds good, and that’s not the end of optimistic news about Balice. In September the Krakow Airport was awarded the title “A Children Friendly Place” in Cracow which is presented by local social organizations. It means that in the Airport you can find a space for changing a baby’s diaper, special rooms for moms and children not only in a common space but also behind terminal gates as well as playground for kids. Congratulations!

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