“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

St. Augustine

One day my friend said to me “Close your eyes and imagine place, where antiquity and contemporary are unity.” Then I said “It’s not possible” and he answered me “So you have to visit Cracow! ” And that’s the way how I loved this amazing town, where everything is absolutely unusual.

During summer, Cracow tempt variety of colours: imagine the most green trees, bluest sky and huge, golden sun. Small, picturesque sheep sailing salt dough handprint by the Wisla river, tourists take a lot of photos, people sunbathing near river, on the Wawel hill… happiness is in the air. And all of that is under ancient castle – Wawel. But every season in Cracow is worth visiting, Cracow under a blanket of snow too.

When I first time visited residence of polish kings I was really surprised, because I never thought that in the one place can be so many picture and sculpture from different age.  State Rooms, Royal Private Apartments, Exhibition “The Lost Wawel, Exhibition “Oriental Art” and the most beautiful garden in whole Poland –  The Royal Gardens –  are symbol of Poland. When you’ll sightseeing garden, you will certainly say “What a sight!”. Moreover here you can find the most popular bell in Poland, or even in the world! Bell named  after worldblog.net King Sigmund I the Old and hangs  inside Sigmund’s Tower at Wawel Cathedral. It’s hard to believe, but total weight of bell is 10,980 kg! Legend profess that everyone who touch it will be happy, due to his dream come true. We can say a lot about the Royal Castle,  but Cracow isn’t only scenic Wisla and fabulous Wawel – Cracow is whole amazing, including ancient Sukiennice, gothic St. Mary’s Church towering over the famous Market Square. Only here you can hear The Heynal, often called – Cracovian Hymn. It’s the most famous and brilliant Polish tune tied to the history of the Cracow. When you finished your culture trip you have to taste polish cuisine, especially obwarzanki! This ring-shaped parboiled bagel are really delicious and very cheap. Obwarzanki are plain or can be topped with coarse  salt or sesame seeds. When the night comes, don’t waste your time and try nightlife! Cracow it’s not only culture capital, it’s also fun and relax capital. Those who spent any time in Cracow, will agree with me.  No matter what kind of dance you like to do – here you can find everything you ever wanted. Imagine hundreds of people dancing, enjoy fun on the dance floor, and still laughing. Looking a place to sleep? No problem! Cracow offer a lot of hotels and apartments. But in Cracow you won’t go to sleep, due to life taste really good.

Relics, clubs, restaurant, picturesque views – everything you ever wanted on hands to choose. Cracow is home of culture, mecca for art lovers, great place for fun and for relax. You can come here with your family, friends or alone. Visit this immortal city, have fun and enjoy every minutes! You have to see it to believe it, because nothing beats the real thing. Now I know, that  the world is a book and those who do not visit Cracow read only one page.