Polish Borders reopened!

13.06.2020, Poland took another important step towards returning to normality and defrosting the economy. Just in time for the summer holiday season, the decision to open Polish borders went into effect. This is a happy moment for us all, and a sign of a better tomorrow to come. 

Of course, the opening of borders is a complicated process, and everything has to be done with great care and precision. As a result, there are many questions you might want to have answered before booking your Summer 2020 trip to Poland. 

Is the epidemic over?
Is it safe to travel to Poland?
Will I be safe?

Responsibility in times of pandemic

Let’s open with the most pressing and important question of them all. And the answer is, no, the epidemic is not over yet. However, Poland has adapted to the challenges of the pandemic. Due to a fast and decisive reaction to the threats of COVID-19, the number of infected in Poland has been and still is low, especially when compared to the rest of the world.

We took the warnings issued by WHO very seriously and issued lockdown immediately. While it did not prevent the epidemy entirely, it was effective at containing it and keeping the numbers low since the beginning. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Poland had one of the fewest numbers of victims and infections in Europe. The government is confident that the situation has stabilized well enough that we are prepared for opening the borders safely.

Do not let the virus take away the summer from you – reclaim it with responsibility and care! Maintain healthy distance, wash your hands, and enjoy yourself while keeping yourself and others safe.

If the borders are open, can I travel to Poland from anywhere?

A good question! While it is natural to think that borders are either open or not, it is not an all or nothing deal. The process is gradual. At this moment, the borders have been opened for member countries of the European Union and the Swiss Confederation. So if you plan to travel to Poland from within the EU, you are in luck – you can go and plan your travel right now! 

Poland is also seeking to allow travel from other countries. The agreement to open the borders was reached with Lithuania, and many other negotiations are underway. If you want to stay informed, make sure to read our news – we will do our best to keep you informed!

Is international air travel to Poland open?

RYANAIR airplane

The international air travel to Poland is reopening 16.06.2020! To celebrate, many air-lines created special, limited time offers for flights to and from Poland. Make sure to check out if Ryanair and LOT offer something that is perfect for you. Discover Krakow before the tickets are sold out!

Also, you can travel to Poland by air even from outside of the European Union. You will be able to fly to Poland from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal, and Ireland after 30th of June.

Do I have to quarantine myself when I cross the Polish border?

Up until now, anyone traveling to Poland had to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Due to opening of Polish borders, this restriction has been lifted! No need to wait, you can jump straight into enjoying your vacation! 

Is MrShuttle safe? 

Safe car travel

MrShuttle accepts only the highest standards of hygiene and safety. We implemented numerous solutions to ensure that both you and our drivers can interact safely and without fear of virus transmission. Safety masks, routine disinfection, and special improvements to our cars are only a small part of the measures we took to minimize any risks or dangers. You can learn more about them here. 

Is there even anything to do in Krakow?

Yes, despite the pandemic, Krakow is still a fascinating and fun place to visit! As the economy continues to defrost, many services come back to life. Live is slower and quieter, but as time goes on more and more becomes available to tourists. If you want to learn what there is to do in Krakow, take a look at our articles. We will gladly help you find something that will interest you. Take this summer opportunity and explore the freshly opened Polish borders!

Krakow at night