Statues in Fronger Park in Oslo. Surprised that there is so easy to get Krakow

As the city is growing and developing, new connections from/to our airport – Balice – are established. A well known Irish carrier, Ryanair, confirmed two further. The one has already been available, the second is going to be launched in Autumn.

The biggest cheap operator from Krakow’s airport has started to fly form and to Duesseldorf in July. There are three connections between two cities each week. You can catch a plane on Tuesday (D-K: 11.30, K-D: 13.35), Thursday (D-K: 11.30, K-D: 13.35) and Saturday (D-K: 18.00, K-D: 20.05). Flight from Duesseldorf to Krakow takes only 100 minutes.

Other German destinations already connected to Balice (but not only by Ryanair) are: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart and Dortmund.

When the Fall comes Krakow colud be a very interesting for people from the “deep north”. Why? November in southern Poland might be really nice and sunny, not like in Norway. Ryanair is thinking this way and that’s way it is openinng a new destination just in November (from 2nd, to be precise). And it will be very frequent: planes from/to Oslo Torp to/from Balice will flight as often as four times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday).

If you decide to book it now, you can visit Krakow only for a prize of additional and airport’s fees, because a pure ticket costs only 1 norwegian krone. Check details at Ryanair’s website.

Ryanair’s offer will be an alternative to Norwegian carrier operating flights from Balice to Oslo Gardermoen.
If you live in Norway, you are probably not thinking about winter now. You’re right – enjoy your short period of good weather. But the Fall will come, sooner than you could imagine.

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