New Year’s Eve in Krakow – what to do where to be

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New Year's Eve in Krakow - what to do where to be

Planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Krakow this year? If yes, this post should help you with all difficulties!

So if you decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Krakow? Wonderful idea! Have a look below to make the most of your New Year break in Poland.

Krakow New Year’s Eve – Accomodation

Familiar with the expression “if you snooze, you lose”?

Well, that is usually the case when booking accommodation for popular times of the year. Since Krakow is a popular destination during Christmas and New Years, it is best to book a hotel in advance. If you have your tickets booked but your waiting for good deal for hotel or apartment reservation better get hurry.

If your plan to greet the New Year in Krakow is a bit of a last-minute affair then book your hotel as quickly as possible, because you may not find anything available later!

Most of the hotels are already sold out and if not prices won’t be lower anymore… and as it’s quite chilly (usually that means -5 and snow) so staying all night out may by pretty dangerous.
Anyway if you have already place to stay in Krakow?  Great!

Now you should think about what to on this special evening. Read on to find out how you can ring in the New Year while in Krakow!

Things to do on New Year’s Eve in Krakow

Restaurants – Have a nice dinner before the party

Most of the restaurant organize special „a la carte” New Year’s Eve menu. Usually that’s not a party but a dinner (yes, you will be eating until midnight) with a glass of champagne at 00:00.

Even though it is a special day, Krakow tends to be busy at the end of the year, so you can expect many restaurants to be open until late. You’ll have a bigger pool of restaurants to choose from before 10pm.

Of course, you will still find restaurants open later than that, especially in the center and near the Main Square, but your options will be much more limited… and you should prepare to splash out.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Krakow for your New Year’s Eve dinner then we can recommend Restauracja Szara or Restauracja Wierzynek near the Main Market Square. Those with a sweet tooth will also like Restauracja Miód Malina. Keep in mind that as it is a busy time in Krakow, it is a good idea to book a table in advance – as they say, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”!

Enjoy the evening – Clubs

After making your stomach happy, go out on the town and dance the night away! You will find that most clubs in Krakow have their own New Years Eve parties, so you can pick one that is suits your musical tastes. Of course, it is best to reserve your tickets at least 48 hours before as these places are likely to be crowded. If you are not interested in a big dancing party and would prefer to just chill with a drink then you will have a number of pubs at your disposal where you don’t need any reservations, so you can just go to one you like the most or make it a pub crawl, because why stop at one?

If you would like to attend a ball, check with your hotel if it hosts one. Many hotels in Krakow organize their own New Year’s Eve celebrations in the form of themed balls. That is a convenient option as you can go straight to bed after dancing the night away!

Want to do something a bit more unusual and are looking for an alternative to the club scene? Fans of ballet and opera can consider attending a unique concert that is organized every year by the Krakow Opera on the New Year’s Eve, tickets of course should be booked in advance.

Every club in Krakow organizes a special New Year’s Eve Party. House Party, Techno Party, Disco Party…you can choose your favoured style of music and listen to it all night long.

Don’t worry about booking places – usually even 2 days before it’s OK and tickets are available. Of course, you can always drop an e-mail to KrakowShuttle office and we will be happy to help you with all arrangements.

Ring in the New Year on Krakow Main Square

Like every year, Krakow’s City Hall and Mayor of Krakow invites for a party on the Main Square. The Main Market Square in Krakow is the place where you should be when the clock strikes midnight.

This is one of the biggest New Year’s Eve concerts in Poland and the biggest party in the city so you can expect live music played by various bands. The atmosphere is warm with people celebrating together so you don’t have to worry about being cold, even if the temperature on New Year’s in Krakow falls below zero! And do you want to know the best part? It is all for free!

If you want to see what’s happening and who is going to perform this year, go to this website:

Take it easy on New Year’s Day

Now what happens the next day? 1st of January is a bank holiday in Poland so don’t expect shops to be open, also keep in mind that public transport will work on a different schedule.

Make sure to take care of your shopping before, especially if you expect to have a hangover. Then like most locals you can have that day to sleep in and relax!

In the afternoon and evening restaruants will be open again so no worries, New Year’s dinner will be unforgettable.

New Years Day Extra

For those who like classical music, we suggets New Year’s Concerts: one in Slowacki National Theatre (Sw. Ducha Square, near the Market Square) or in Krakow’s Filharmony (also in the Old Town). We’re looking forward to meet you in Krakow!

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