Kraków is one of this cities (besides Chorzów, Warszawa, Gdańsk, Zywiec, and others) which will be visited by polish music festival, Męskie Granie. Męskie Granie is a very special music project – it associates representants of alternative music to create some of the new value in current state of music. Primary it was based on a concept, that the only men and male music bands could perform on the stage. The idea has changed really fast and in the second edition of the festival, the public was able to welcome also female musicians. What’s more, the third edition of Męskie Granie was coordinated by Katarzyna Nosowaska (a leader of HEY – polish rock and alternative music band) as the art director.

What’s more special about this event? Organizers looking for something new, they try to redefine the style, schemes and trends in music and encourage to cooperation between musicians- representants of different music styles. One of the rule of the festival is, that at least one song should be performed by duet of artists from different music styles. Also, every band has only 30 minutes for stage show and there is no option to extend this time.

This year, is a fourth edition and it should be very interesting, because of introducing of new festival element – the Męskie Granie Orchestra. This orchestra consists of 10 different musicians which will show, special created for this occasion, music material. It will be some kind of new music experience proving that experiments are a base in creating new music values.

Where? The Gardens of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków, Sencka Street 3

When? 19.07.2014

Who plays in Kraków?

  • Artur Rojek
  • Behemoth
  • Jamal
  • Trzaska Budzyński Jacaszek
  • Tomasz Budzyński

You can find more info here https://www.meskiegranie.pl/koncerty/krakow/

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