Love is in the air!

Krakow is a city where lovers can find lots of attractions. Here for sure you will find best places for romantic walks, dinners and dates. Lovers in Krakow will never be bored!

Proposals for unforgettable time with lover in Krakow:

One of the most romantic places in Poland
One of the places, where lovers should go is Kładka Bernatka – local bridge of love. According to tradition lovers should put the padlock on the bridge. On a padlock can be initials or inscription “I love You”. Then they throw away the key into the river. People hope, that if they do it they will have happiness and eternal love.

Romantic cruises on the Vistula River
In the summer you can visit some part of Kraków by ship. Some attractions, which you can see while this cruise are: Wawel, Dębnicki Bridge, Kościuszko’s Mound, Pope’s House and much more. On the ship you can also eat the romantic dinner. The cruise lasts 60 minutes.

Unforgettable views from high distances
Balloon flights is an unusual adventure, while you can spend romantic moments and see the beautiful views. The balloon rises to the height of 180 m, so you can see the Old Town, towers of St. Mary’s Church,Wisła river and all of Krakow mounds. The journey takes about 15 minutes.

Walks and sunsets on the mound

Mound is a perfect idea for a date. Here you can feel the magic of Kraków city. From the top you can admire beautiful panorama view of the Kraków, Beskid Żywiecki and Tatra Mountains. The Mound is open every day from 9 am to nightfall. From May to September it is open to 11 pm, so you can see breath-taking sunset, what makes this place romantic.

Relax in the Spa

If you want to relax you can go to Spa, where you will find lots of packages for lovers. Sauna, baths for two with rose petals and massage with chocolate makes that you will feel pleasure and relaxed. Professional staff and spa treatments makes you younger and more beautiful.

The magical atmosphere and food

In Kraków we can find lots of restaurants with unique atmosphere, which offer romantic dinners. You can find dinners by candlelight, live music, dinners for various occasions like wedding anniversary or engagement. Most of great restaurants are located on the main Market Square and Kazimierz, where you can try not only polish cuisine.

The pleasure of eating outdoors

Great option in the summer is picnic. In Kraków you will find lots of places where you can spread a blanket and put a wicker basket. Preparing meals outdoors with lover can be fantastic idea for spending romantic afternoon together. Vistula boulevards, mounds, meadows Krakow are the best places for that.