If you visiting Poland during a winter season, you just can’t miss it. Only 120 km from Cracow there is a city which is called Poland’s winter capital – Zakopane (you can translate it as ‘buried with’, so why don’t ‘buried with snow’?). And it isn’t an exaggeration becuase Zakopane is one of the oldest and finest mountain resort in Poland. You can get there with Krakow Shuttle.

Have you already heard about a Sleeping Knight who is highly reposing over the town? If not, you should see it. First at photo:

You like it? It’s in Zakopane. There is also a legend story connected to this uniquely shaped mountain called Giewnot but it’s better to learn it yourself from a highlander.

A special mountains scenery is not the only one trump of the Zakopane. The city has also its own, original and very specific architectural style (called “Zakopane like style”) which has been developing since the end of XIX century when the city became very popular and fashionable destinations for artists and celebrities of those days.

With Krakow Shuttle you can visit Zakopane, taste an inimitable culture of Polish highlanders from Tatra Mountains and be delighted with really stunning views during one day trip for only 62 €.

The programme of the visit is determined by the individual interests and needs of customers. During the trip you will be able i.a. enjoy the ride with the cable car up to Gubalowka Mountain, check the city’s finest street Krupowki and buy some traditional crafts at the local market or visit the Tatra Museum. An English speaking driver will be happy to advise you the best spots in town, too. The trip lasts about 8 hours and starts at 8.30-9.30.

The price (student’s fare is 62€, regular – 64€) included door to door transportation, insurance, assistance of an English speaking driver and a lunch set.

See details at: http://www.krakowshuttle.com/.