Winter is coming to Krakow very soon and for sure you are wondering how to plan your stay in our city while it will be raining or snowing.

First of all, you don’t need to worry as Krakow offers a lot of attractions, even under the roof 🙂

Let’s start from the beginning: before packing your luggage check Krakow’s weather forecast. We imagine that you’re not a fluent Polish speaker so it will be enough if you check BBC weather website. Please remember that usually in Poland we have 4 seasons so it is hot in summer, cold in winter etc. We suggest to check the weather forecast even before booking your tours in Krakow so you can avoid surprises.

Krakow Tours and weather

All KrakowShuttle Tours operate regardless the weather — it means that even in heavy rain you are still able to visit Auschwitz or Zakopane.

Auschwitz Tour includes lot of walking outside so please remember to wear warm clothes, take umbrella with you and wear comfy shoes. If the weather changes

you can always leave your extra clothes inside the bus as the driver will be waiting for you all the time.

It never rains in Salt Mine, and – furthermore – temperature underground is always around 15-20 degrees 🙂 Salt Mine Tour includes door to door transfer service so it means

that this time you don’t need to bring any extra jackets or jumpers. However, please remember about comfy shoes (and no high heels) as you will go down the reaaly long staircase.

Zakopane Tour is a great idea despite of the weather. Tatra mountains and Zakopane itself has a lot to offer at every season. Golden autumn, White Polish winter, and lovely spring and summer.

Even if it is raining you can still taste traditional Polish cuisine and folk design. Our tip: usually it is colder than in Krakow so remember about that before leaving your hotel!

If you are planning to come to Krakow in winter and you like skiing or snowboarding consider booking Krakow – Zakopane ski shuttle transfer. If you want, we can also arrange an one day tour with ski & equipment rental included into the price.

Krakow City walk and bad weather? Why not! Take your umbrella and you will be fine, as on your way, ther are many places to visit and even more cafes and bars to stop over! Our guide will show you our favourite ones!

What to do in Krakow when it rains? Visit one of the museums: National Museum, Czartoryski Museum, Krakow Underground or join Memorial Tour and visit 3 museums in one day (includin Schindler’s Factory).

Consider shopping in the Old Town or in one of the shopping malls located next to the city center — Galeria Kazimierz or Galeria Krakowska. If you prefer a lazy option than visit one of the famous cafes in Jewish

District and relax.  And if it is snowing? Have a walk around Planty (park around the Old Town) or go ice-skating in front of the former Hotel Forum.

If you need any advices remember that KrakowShuttle is ready to help you any time!