If you wonder, how to travel cheaper through Krakow, you are reading the right article. Kraków city and the private local businesses willingly join to some projects which main aim is to offer special discounts for their services and products for tourists. For example many bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and museums honorate the popular discount card, EURO26. From few years we have in Kraków Krakow Tourist Card, the local equivalent of Euro 26 card.

What is all about?

The card entitles the holder to free travel by city buses and trams and to free entry in up to 30 Krakows’ museums, for example: Kraków National Museum, Museum of Archeology, The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum, Kraków Polish Aviation Museum, ect.

Cardholders can also make use of the various discounts, offered in selected restaurants and shops as well as local trips and excursions, like Hard Rock Cafe, Szara Restaurant, World of Amber, Rent a Scooter and many, many others.

The card is available in two options – for two or three days.

How much the card costs? 2 Days Card: 13 euro

3 Days Card: 16,5 euro

Where to buy it? You can buy it online or in tourist informations, airport and some others sale spots in Kraków.

Read more about this project: click here

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