This Krakow differs from the one from tourist brochures, although it is not less true. You can feel the energy here, not, as in case of cafes on the Main Square, melancholy

Even if we do not have any reason to go there, it is worth to have a walk to the large area situated on John Paul II Av., behind Aviators’ Park (Park Lotnikow), where, among the others, Krakow University of Technology, several large companies from the IT sector and KTP buildings are located. It is very modern, a bit stark and interesting place. Everything seems to be carefully thought out, effective and functional.

This atmosphere is created because of concentration of many academic institutions and innovative companies operating in the IT sector. This allows high level specialists and entrepreneurs, who are not afraid of risk and new ideas, to cooperate with each other. KTP, patronage of this cooperation, salt dough handprint works to make it easier. It appears that, although there is the opinion that cooperation between academic institutions and business world is very pour in Poland, it is a success in Krakow.

Krakow Technology Park is the company that manages the entire Special Economic Zone. It supports modern technology and innovative business in the region of Malopolska. The Company’s shareholders are State Treasury (52.2%), AGH (University of Science and Technology), Technical University of Krakow, Jagiellonian University and Malopolska Region (10,7% each), Krakow Municipality (3.6%), Mittal Steel Poland S.A. (1.4%). Sławomir Kopeć, Ph.D. is the president of KTP.

The Krakow Special Economic Zone covers the area of more than 500 ha. Nearly 50 companies, employing almost 6000 people, operate within the zone. Economic sub zones are located in whole Voivodeship, among the others in Niepolomice and Zabierzow.

Technology Incubator: The project is directed to small, start-up innovative companies that introduce innovative solutions in computer science, telecommunication and engineering. KPT offers them logistic infrastructure and offices in modern building and supports the companies in the field of sources of capital, law, patents and trainings.

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