Krakow off the beaten path

Krakow offers many attractions. For sure you have heard about the famous one – Wawel Castle, Main Market with St. Mary Church and Sukiennice, Grodzka Street, Jewish Quarter with synagogues or Schindler’s Factory but what if you have already seen all those places and you still have time to enjoy the city?

Krakow has its secrets and many places still without crowd of tourists. One of them is Nowa Huta. All the principles of the architecture of socialist realism were contained in this district. This fact is emphasized by specialists and makes it different from other implementations from this period that are incomplete, and therefore less attractive. Nowa Huta was built as a separate town close to Krakow and it was planned to be a huge centre of heavy industry. Because it is a little bit far from the city centre, the best way to get there and admire the building masterpiece of Communism age, is to book a ‘Communism Tour’ with KrakowShuttle. You will be taken by trabant for an exciting tour around the district. The must see museum when you are in the neighborhood is the Polish Aviation Museum. The collection consists of over 200 aircrafts. According to the latest ranking of CNN ‘World’s 14 best aviation museums’ the Polish Museum is on the 8th position. KrakowShuttle offers a fully organized tour to the Museum.

Other place which can be familiar for you is Podgorze. You could find this name connect to the Schindler’s Factory but this area is not only the Factory, it is much bigger!

You can take a walk around Wojciech Bednarski Park which offers a great view of the city of Krakow, climb on the Krakus Mound, seat at the Podgorski Square, visit St. Joseph’s Church – an example of the Gothic Revival style, or visit the oldest cemetery on Podgorze. You can also intensify your
trip to Schindler’s Factory by visiting Quarry ‘Lebanon’ – during World War II a labor camp or Plaszow Camp.

During the hot summer in Krakow KrakowShuttle can recommend a visit a  forest area of the city – Las Wolski. After intensive sightseeing in the city, you can relax in the shadow of trees and escape of the city noise. It’s also a great place for spring walk — contact us to get details and we will be happy to give you more tips!

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