Krakow Nightlife

As a city popular among students and tourists, Krakow is no stranger to parties. No matter if you’re visiting Poland in summer or winter, you can experience nightlife in Krakow at any time of the year. Finished with all the spots on our list of Top 10 Things to do in Krakow? If you’re looking for ways to let off some steam after a long day of sightseeing, then you’re in the right place. Scroll down and see what Krakow has to offer at night!


Krakow nightlife – what to expect?

Since Krakow is one of the most visited cities in Poland and the city where the oldest and one of the best universities in the country is located (Jagiellonian University), there are plenty of things that one can do at night. You can expect to find numerous bars and nightclubs with all kinds of music and beverages, especially in the city center. From chill bars to boisterous night clubs – you are sure to find something that fits your mood. What is more, people in the central part of the city can easily communicate in English, so that’s something you don’t have to fret about!

Where to go at night in Krakow?

If you have nothing specific planned for the evening then your best bet will be heading to the Krakow Old Town, where a huge number of bars, restaurants, and pubs are located. It is the one sure place in Krakow where you can find a party quickly and any day. Floriańska and Szewska Street are particularly popular at night so head there if you are looking for a nice bar. Of course, this is the area where most people go to, including travelers, so you can easily strike up a conversation in English. If you are feeling social and want to meet some people from different countries then visiting the many bars and pubs in the Old Town of Krakow will be the best decision!  


Party like a local

Looking for a more local nightlife experience? Head to the Kazimierz area which tends to be a favorite for many locals. This historic Jewish district has many pubs and will be especially interesting for beer enthusiasts and those looking for a more laid back atmosphere. Fans of vintage style should definitely visit Alchemia, which is one of the most unique places on the map of Krakow and makes people fall in love with it at first sight. Want to mix pleasure with a bit of history? Check out Pub Propaganda, its interior will take you back to the Poland People’s Republic (PRL).


Dance the night away in Krakow

If you’re feeling like having a crazy night dancing until your feet hurt then a nightclub will be the winner. Interested in the best clubs in Krakow? Consider Prozak 2.0, the oldest club in Krakow where you can party until morning and get rid of all your worries. If you are tempted to attend a theme party then Frantic on Szewska Street should be right up your alley. The brave ones who want to party in a more Polish style can check out Społem Deluxe on Floriańska Street with its retro interior and Polish disco music. If you’re searching for more glamour and want to dress up in your best clothes then go to Shine Club and enjoy its designer interior. If you’re looking specifically for gay-friendly clubs, then have a look at Blue Bar Club, Plastic, Pozytywka or Lindo Bar. Important to note: to have a greater number of nightclubs to choose from, go for a semi-casual style instead of a comfy, sporty outfit as some nightclubs in Krakow have a dress code. Why limit yourself?


Chill with a drink

Klub Pod Jaszczurami in the Main Square of Krakow is one of the most popular places in the city where you can pop in for a drink and enjoy it in a nice atmosphere. Want to enjoy a conversation with your friends and the best cocktail? You will get that in Sababa, located in Kazimierz. Want to push it a bit more? Visit one of the shot bars in Krakow where you can taste different vodkas and have a snack, in a more local style – Pijalnia and BaniaLuka are among the most popular shot bars in the city. Those of you who would like to visit an Irish pub in Krakow, check out Irish Pub “Pod Papugami” in the Old Town

Sing to your heart’s content

Want to show off your singing skills? Or maybe you just want to have a fun night with friends or family in a karaoke bar? Add Let’s Sing Karaoke Bar, Mr. Vavelsky, Coyote Bar or The Legends Music Club to your list. The last one will win over fans of the old hits in particular, but since they are all within walking distance from each other you can as well have fun in all of them!


Don’t miss the game

Want to see the match while in Krakow? English Football Club located in the cellar in the Old Town is where people tend to go to when they want to cheer on their teams. On big days it tends to be crowded so if you want to have a seat, better try to make a reservation earlier!

Avoid trouble

Like most cities, Krakow has some places that might be better off avoiding at night. Among them are strip clubs, especially if you want to skip out on unnecessary issues and loss of money.  No matter how big the temptation is, it’s not worth the headache after! Remember also that in Poland drinking alcohol in the street is not allowed.

Have a snack

After partying all night long, stop by one of the 24-hour pierogi shops to get yourself some tasty Polish pierogi. It will surely make your soul, and stomach, happy!