Travelling with your kids, sometimes might be problematic. Children in travel have special needs and requirements. That is
why, it is good to look for family and child friendly destinations. Krakow is definitely one of them. There is plenty of places where you can spend time with your children which will be fun not only for the young ones but also for the parents. No matter how you would like to spend your free time, there are options to do it with your children. For example, if you get hungry during your sightseeing, there is a great number of cafe’s and restaurants where you can go with your kids. One of them is called Czuły Barbarzyńca which means Sensitive Barbarian in Polish. That funny name suits this cafe very well, because it is a fun place to visit. It is a combination of cafe and a bookstore. Kids also can play toys over there. The owners organize a lot of different events not only for the children but for the adults as well such as games or competitions. To make your visit more educational for your kids, you should take them to a museum. If you have a young boy with you, visiting Polish Aviation Museum should be a great success. You can see real planes there and play with the simulators. What is more, even some of the public institutions in Krakow such as bus station are prepared to satisfy the needs of families. If you would like to see the list of some more interesting child friendly places, you can check this website.

We can proudly say, that our company is also qualified to organize the airport transfers for families. We can provide child seats with no extra charge. What else, our drivers are well trained which means that the journey with your baby will be safe and comfortable.

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