independence day poland

On 11th of November we celebrate the National Independence Day. If you stay in Poland, we are sure that you will enjoy the option to take a part of official celebration — that’s a great way to know Poland better.

What is all about?

11th of November 1918 Poland got the independence after 123 years of annexation to the Russian Imperium, Kingdom of Prussia and Habsburgs Imperium. From this time, every year in Poland, are preparing some events of this occasion. The celebrations take place mainly in Warsaw where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is and have very official and military character. During this day take place some lectures about polish independence history, concerts and meetings with president and old soldiers a może war veterans ? :D. This day is free of work, which means that every Polish citizen can take part in celebrations.

The transmission of the celebrations is available every year in public television, channel no 1 and 2.

The social custom connected with this holiday is to locate polish flags on the buildings facades. In the cities some shops and restaurant work normally, but shopping malls and public institutions are closed. So, if you are planning something extra for this day, at first check information about opening hours and public transportation schedule, because it functions like on Sunday and Holidays. Tourist destinations like Auschwitz Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine will be  open — KrakowShuttle organizes trips on that day. If you have any questions regarding bank holidays in Krakow feel free to contact our office.

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