Happy Easter!

19-21.04.2014 is a very important time for the people not only in Poland, but all over the world. You have probably heard of Easter, but you may not be familiar with how it is celebrated in Poland. There are some special and unique traditions which you can only experience in here. That makes Krakow a good destination for that time of the year. The 19th of April is the Easter Saturday. On that day, Polish people are preparing their Easter baskets which are called “Święconka”. People take it to the church where it is blessed by the priest. Inside the basket you can find different types of food but the most popular are sausages, bread and obviously eggs. Painting Easter eggs in Poland is a very popular tradition. There are many different ways of preparing them and there is a lot of methods to paint them. If you would like to see some great examples of that kind of art, you definitely have to visit the Easter Market which is located on the Main Market Square. You can buy there some traditional souvenirs and try the traditional Easter polish food. On the next day, which is the Easter Sunday, people gather at homes with their families to eat a special breakfast which includes the food from their Easter baskets. If you would like to try some of those specialties, there are restaurants in Krakow where you can have it served just like you would have been at somebody’s home. If you would like to do some sightseeing during the holidays, you still can participate in our tours. On Easter Monday both Auschwitz and the Salt Mine are running as usual. That day, also has a special meaning. Easter Monday in Poland is called a Wet Monday where people use to poor water at eachother. That tradition started a long time ago and it is still alive, especially at the countrysides. All members of KrakowShuttle Team are wishing you Happy Easter in Poland!

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