Grechuta Festival 2014

Since 7 years in Kraków is organised a festival dedicated to the one of the biggest polish music star – Marek Grechuta. This year it will take place on the period: 6-19 of October, in many Krakow’s music clubs and cultural institutions.

What is all about?

Marek Grechuta (1945-2006) was a polish singer, poet, composer, painter, considered as a one of the most important representant of polish XX century sing poetry with elements of rock, blues and jazz music. He produced many hits, like “Dzikie Wino”, “Będziesz moją damą”, “Nie dokazuj”, ect.  and was awarded many times in music contests. The Grechuta Festival was established to commemorate his music achievements. First edition of this event took place in the first anniversary of the death of singer.

From the beginning, the Director of the Festival is a wife of the singer, Danuta Grechuta. She invited to co-operation such people as Jan Edges-Pawluśkiewicz, Gregorian, Artur Rojek, Zbigniew Preisner, Stanislaw Soyka, Zbigniew Wodecki and Edyta Geppert. By last years the festival takes place mainly in Krakow, but some of the events of the festival were also organized in Warsaw.

The most important element of the festival is the contest “Interpretations’,  where young artists perform Grechuta’ songs. The festival also consists events like recitals, poetry readings and some art exhibitions.

During Grechuta Festival 2014 you will be able to hear the new interpretations of Grechuta songs  on the contests, see the photo exhibition of Marek Grechuta and take a part in main concert of the festival where you will meet artists like:Anna Maria Jopek, Kuba Badach, Kroke, Motion Trio, Karolina Leszko, Monika Jakowczuk, Paweł Piątek.

Where: Krakóws’ clubs and cultural institutions

When: 6th-19th of October 2014

Details and Festival schedule:

Tickets: different prices, from 60 to 199 PLN

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