Like in lyrics of Polish National Anthem – from Italy to Poland; unlike – by plane, not in marching order. PLL LOT established a new connection between Rome and Cracow. A flight will take only 2 hours.

Planes are flying on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting from Balice at 20.50 and landing in Rome at 22.55 (the opposite direction: Rome 23.45 – Cracow 01.50). Despite PLL LOT isn’t a low cost carrier, tickets are not expensive and prices starts from 525 PLN (including all fees).

From Rome to Cracow connection is a third between Balice and Italy. From Cracow’s airport you can fly also to Milan/Bergamo (with RyanAir, four times a week) and to Forli (Windjet).

But it isn’t the end of good news from Balice, because – as it is announced last week – another new connection is going to be established from 1st of November. Air Berlin decided to compete directly to RyanAir and as the Irish carrier had opened its connection between Cracow and Duesseldorf in July, the German one would do it in Autumn.

With AirBerlin it will be possible to fly Duesseldorf 7 days a week. An airport in Duesseldorf maybe is not as big as the one in Frankfurt, but it is also very important and comfortable transfer place if you want to get – for example – Mallorca.

Apart from Duesseldorf, remaining German cities available directly from Cracow are: Berlin/Tegel (AirBerlin),Dortmund (easyJet), Frankfurt (Lufthansa, PLL LOT), Cologne/Bonn (Germanwings), Munich (Lufthansa) and Stuttgart (Germanwings).


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