يلا شوت

Maybe it is too hot, maybe it is too slow, but it is never boring. During current, really african-like month there are a lot of festivals and spectacular events in the town. Most of them are dedicated to visitors from abroad, because Cracow insiders – if only they can and as soon as it is possible – are running away to country-, sea- or lake- side.

Let’s start from 22nd International Street Theatres Festival. It is hard to say where exactly it will be held. Although, it is overstatement to say that this four-day festival will be held everywhere, it will be almost impossible not to be near the festival stage at least one time. Or even on the stage. Festival will be held on Main Square, Wolnica Square (performances for children) and Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego Square. Festival programme includes more that 40 outdoor theatre shows, salt dough handprint performed by large number of artists from all around the world.

As it is well know, Cracow is also a “jazzy” city. A proof is in July. When jazz sounds the best? No doubt – at night. Especially if performers are top artist as “Adzik” Sendecki, Nils Landgren, NDR Big Band, Andrzej Olejniczak, Joao Bosco, Jarek Smietana, Janusz Muniak, Charis Ioannou Trio, Harry Sokal Trio, Joe McPhee – Mikołaj Trzaska Duo and Adam Pierończyk. Jazz Night starts at 6 p.m. on Saturday, 18th July. When it ends? An improper question.

And Now for Something Completely Different: If you come from United States it might be very interesting and illuminating for you to see an exhibition in the main building of The Naional Museum. It is called “Photorealism: American Dream” and it presents pictures of People, happenings and ideas connected with American culture, which were very important to generations of Poles, who were growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s of XX century, in the reality of PRL and its political propaganda. So it might let you see seemingly well known parts of your culture in a completly different and surprising perspective.

By the way – there is a choice, so have a nice time, enjoy the town and don’t bother that there is a dog-day.

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