Zablocie as an unique postindustrial Krakow’s district

EXPLORING LESSER POLAND: Zabłocie as an unique postindustrial Krakow’s district

Zabłocie is a district of Krakow located in the north-east part of the center of the city, classified as the part of town called Podgórze. From several years, it becomes more and more popular point on the map to see in Krakow – next to the Old Town, Kazimierz and Nowa Huta. It attractive not only because offeres Schindler Factory Museum and art gallery MOCAK, but also because the unique, podstindustrial architecture.

Zabłocie – what is all about?

The name “Zabłocie” means area located “behind the mud.” The name first appeared in documents from 1334 in relation to the royal forests. XIX/XX century period is the time of greatest development of the area – that’s also a time of railway and industrial factories rising. Then it began to treat Zabłocie as an industrial area -, most of Krakow’s businesses opened there their manufactures, warehouses and other facilities. After 1989, liquidation of a number of state-owned enterprises has taken place, and the area declined and began to ravage. Since the late 90s the authorities of the city of Krakow in cooperation with private sector entities have taken action aimed at the revitalization of this district. That’s why it is currently one of the most dynamically developing areas of Krakow.

Zabłocie is not just the area full of factories and industrial buildings adapted into new destiantions, but also the place of many cultural events. In the district there are two important cultural centers: Schindlers Factory – it’s a branch of the Historical Museum of Krakow, where you can see interesting exhibitions about the history of the Jews of Kraków and MOCAK, the center of modern art, where you can see interesting collection, created by artists from recent decades. In Zabłocie is also situated one of the biggest music clubs in Kraków – FABRYKA. The club is located in the area of a former factory hall, prepared for some entertainment. It is now managed by two event agencies, what allows to fully use all advantages of this place – there are regularly held here various concerts, exhibitions, open-air cinema and a variety of festivals.

Zabłocie is also a place of increasing number of cultural events organise by anothers foundations or cultural associations. For example, since last year, in the period of May and June, takes place Festival of Culture and Media POLIKULTURA, during it you can join various events, from reviewing thestage forms, film screenings and lectures art and young artists concerts.

Most impressive in Zabłocie is a large number of street art works, for example murals. Murals are graphics placed by artists on the building’ walls are an interesting example of the outdoor art. In Zabłocie works were created mailny by artists like: Artur Wabik in collaboration with Aleksandra Toborowicz (eg. Ekomural, Kraków, Zabłocie street) and students from Cultural Institute of the Jagiellonian University (Mural “Tolerance” design by Sebastian Brożek, Kraków, Przemysłowa street).

That and the fact that in the area of the district opens a growing number of small shops and boutiques sell self made furniture or designed accessoriesd makes this place more attractive. This also grows demand on restaurans and clubs and allows us to foretell that the district will be soon a popular meeting place as Kazimierz.


Krakowshuttle has in offer a tour, which consists of visiting the Schindler Factory and part of the historical places in the Podgórze disctrict: Krakow Memorial Rout Tour

On request we can organize sightseeing tours to Zabłocie or arrange a tour of Krakow street art route, which passes through Zabłocie.

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