EXPLORING LESSER POLAND: The Jewish Monuments Route

In Kraków is now more than 10 official tourist routes. One of them is the Jewish Monument Route. The trail goes through Kazimierz district, old Jewish community. If you are interested in the history of Krakow’s Jews and want to spend some time on the fresh air, we recommend you to take a walk according to the Jewsih Mionuments Route.

What is all about?

The route was established for tourists who would like to get know something about jewish culture in Kraków. The route has around 5 km and takes about 3 hours.

It constist of 9 elements:

Center for Jewish Culture  (Meiselsa 17 street), the institution with more than 10 year experience in documentation and promotion the jewish culture.

Details about realising projects and events: www.judaica.pl


  • Tempel (Miodowa 24 street), built in years  1860-1862, known as a one of the most liberal synagogue in this region bacause of the acceptance of women participation in some ceremonies
  • Kupa ( Miodowa 27 street), old XVII century tempel with very interesting history
  • Izaaka (Kupa 18 street), the biggest synagogue in Kraków built in XVII century.
  • Wysoka ( Józefa 38 street), the tallest jewish tempel in Kraków, located on the first floor of the building, built in XVI century
  • Stara (Szeroka 24 street), one of the oldest polish synagogues from the beggining ofXV century.  Now there is a branch of Historic Museum of Kraków with constant exposition about history of Kraków’s Jews. More about the institution: http://www.mhk.pl/oddzialy/stara-synagoga
  • Remuh (Szeroka 40 street), the orthodox synagogue, one of the two still function as a religious temple in the city, built in XVI century
  • Popper (Szeroka 16 street), the tempel built in XVII century in baroque style

New Jewish Cemetery (Miodowa 55 Street), the cemetery from XIX century with many historic gravestones.

In summary, tour of Krakow by thematic trail can be not only interesting, but also a learning experience. It is a great option for anyone who don’t have time to organise individual sightseeing plan. Contact KrakowShuttle to plan your journey!

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