Even if it’s middle of February, it’s about 11 degrees in Krakow! And lovely, sunny weather – it all looks like spring is coming soom! Tired with the city noise and crowd? No idea for a weekend’s trip? KrakowShuttle offers a tour to Ojcow National Park. It can be a good idea for this Spring! Let be amused by the incredible limestone formations. Take a walk around picturesque paths and admire beautiful sights. Be delighted by the awaking of the Nature. This Park is one of the smallest in Poland but for sure it is worth to be visited. It is located only 26 km from Krakow.
Are you wondering what you can find or do there? The Park has many attractions and offers many more activities. A few of them:
– climbing on the hill where the ruins of gothic Ojcow Castle are,
– Łokietko Cave where according to the legend one of Polish king – Łokietko found a shelter,
– Dark Cave – one of the biggest cave in terms of size of the chamber in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. It is also a very important archeological sites in Poland. Close to the Cave a five-finger outcrop in the shape of hand was found.
– The Chapel on the Water – a historical sacral building madeof wood. The Chapel was built in 1901.
– Pieskowa Skala Castle – one of the biggest attraction on Trial of the Eagle’s Nests. It is known as one of the famous example of defensive Polish Renaissance architecture.
– bicycle tour around the Park,
– a lunch on the grass under the Club of Hercules – a tall (30m) limestone monadnock
– visit at the the Hermitage of Blessed Salome – currently you can find there an architectural and sculptural complex in a
Mannerist style, built in the years 1677-1691. The complex consists of a church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Blessed Salome, Prebendaries houses, houses of prayer and hermitage.

Sounds interresting? KrakowShuttle Team is waiting to take you there! Find more info about the Ojcow National Park Tour.

You can also visit an official site of Ojcowski National Park.