One of the most important music events of current autumn has just started in Cracow. But don’t worry – it lasts till early December, so everyone who wants, will be able to participate in concerts of the best jazz players in the world. Cracow Jazz Fall is a proof that Cracow is the Polish capital of jazz music.

The 4th edition of Cracow Jazz Fall means four months of intercourse with free jazz. As Andrzej E. Grabowski, founder of “Diapozon” one of the most influential jazz magazine in Poland, said during the beginning of CJF: “One of the landmarks of history of improvised music is being heralded in Cracow!”.

Why this event is so important and remarkable? Because the absolute golden league of improvised music, as well as less famous but still valued groups will be presented during this edition. There will be two exhibitions and 18 concerts among which more than a half are the projects never presented in Poland or prepared specially for the Festival.

Let’s have a look at the names of scheduled artists and bands. In October: cool jazz from Chicago (New Fracture Quartet lead by talented drummer and compser Tim Daisy), modern, European improvised music from Berlin (Gebhard Ullmann and his Basement Research) and also a mixture which is hard to believe in – baroque violin and jazz bass. Maya Homburger and Barry Guy will prove that there is nothing impossible for music.

Other important participants of Cracow Jazz Fall are Kölner Saxophon Mafia, Resonance Vandermarka, Valentine Trio (Fred Lonberg-Holm’s project), “masters trio” of Roy Campbell, William Parker and Hamid Drake and others.

As all of musicians mentioned above are from abroad, it doesn’t mean that Polish (and even from Cracow) jazz players are underrepresented on Cracow Jazz Fall. We can listen Hera band, Ensamble 56 (musician also from Hungary) and most of all – Marcin Wasilewski Trio.

Concerts will take place at well known cellars in Alchemia Club on Cracow`s Kazimierz, Nowy Square.

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