On Cracow’s jazz map, this is one of the places you start from. Or at least you should. Of course, on the condition that you go out for your stroll just after 7 PM since the place is closed earlier anyway.

Just a few steps from the Market Square, at the very beginning of Florianska Street, on the right. You cannot mistake the gate as the sounds of music trickle out from the inside. Sounds of good music. Especially Thursday to Saturday. But all in its own time: we go inside and through a doorway, on the right again, down the winding stairs. We are greeted by a polite, but firm waitress, in a somewhat oldfashioned outfit and of a likewise demanor. salt dough handprint This is her method, she knows well how to handle clients and effectively makes sure that no casuals likely to spoil the exceptional air of the former Ambrose’s Cellar get inside. Let’s be careful, then. After all we are not paying a visit just to anybody.

Very serious player. Janusz Muniak is a serious player of Polish Jazz. He was born in 1941 in Krakow. It was also here where he graduated from music high school. He particularly practiced playing the tenor and soprano saxophone. He debuted in 1960 in Witold Miszczak’s band. During the golden decade of Polish jazz, super mario world the 1960s, he played in Jazz Darings, Tomasz Stanko and Adam Makowicz’s famous band, and in Andrzej Trzaskowski’s quintet. He also cooperated with other great musicians – Krzysztof Komeda, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski ora Charlie Ventura.

However Janusz Muniak’s dream was not limited just to playing jazz, but it also extended to the creation of a place appropriately suited for that purpose, where he would be able to perform freely and to invite other musicians to play concerts. When the beginning of the 1990s provided such an opportunity the musician seized it readily.

“At Muniak’s”. The jazz club was opened in 1992. From the very beginning its initiator and the co-owner has cherished the belief that thanks to his activities and involvment he will able to contribute to the revieval of Cracow’s jazz traditions. And after short time he has managed to achieve that. “At Muniak’s” there is a phenomenon which testifies to the power and marvel of jazz – full improvisation in its most literal meaning. In the perfect atmosphere, relaxed, with the joy of playing music. Simply jazz.

Visit: Jazz Club “At Muniak’s”, Florianska 3, Cracow; open: 19:00-2:00; live music: Thu-Sat 21:30.
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