Discover the best walks in Krakow

With warm months ahead and Kraków having a small area, it is a good idea to see some places on foot. The first location would be the Main Market Square with the Old Part of town. Walking along the narrow streets, hiding in shade of the park of Planty surrounding the city centre or just finding a secrete caffe are goods ways to enjoy hot weather in the city. There are also other interesting destinations outside the city.

Ojcowski National Park being one of them. KrakówShuttle can take You to the smallest National Park in Poland, just outside the city borders. This park was founded in XX century to preserve the Jurassic rock formations and it is beginning was used as a sanatorium. Beautiful karst canyons, covered with thick forest are a very good location to relax and discover interesting sights like the ruins of the Ojców castle. Check out details of the Ojcow National Park Tour.

Very close to the Old Town you can find a Mound of Kościuszko, Poland’s great national hero. It was surrounded by Austrian fortifications at the end of XIX century. It is the best view point over the city. It is an uphill walk but definitely worth the effort.

If You would have some more energy left in Your tank You could go further west to the area of the Wolski Forest and Bielany. Bielany is a part of Cracow named after Camaldolese Hermitage located at the edge of the Wolski Forest. It is their first monastery in Poland. You have to keep in mind that the grounds of the monastery are open only to men. Women are allowed only on grand church holidays.

Going from the abbey into the woods You can follow tarmac alleys or forest trails. One of the places You can find in the heart of the forest is Krakows Zoo. The zoological garden is rather moderate but very well known worldwide by participating in international breeding programs. If you want, KrakowShuttle can take you there as well.

The other site is the Mound of Piłsudski, it is not as well known as the previous one but has a much more relaxed atmosphere to it with a wider panorama of the city of Kraków and its surroundings.

The last but not least trail to follow are the Vistula boulevards which give a different perspective of the city and have a variety of interesting restaurants located on the barges along the banks of the river.

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