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While visiting the south of Poland, there are tons of interesting places to see. But if you have some time to spare you should venture a little bit outside of Krakow and go to the Auschwitz Museum, which is one of the most visited places, both by Polish and foreign tourists. Find out the best way of organizing transportation to the Museum and back to your hotel.

Auschwitz tour from Krakow hotel

While being in Krakow, you should definitely find some time to head out to Oświęcim and tour the Auschwitz Museum. During World War II this place served as the biggest Nazi concentration camp, where the Jews from all over Europe were transported. Today, the whole area is turned to a Museum, which commemorates all the people killed during the Holocaust. Of course, you can visit Auschwitz Camp by yourself – in Krakow you will find quite a few ways of transportation there but, for most people, the option that includes pickup from the hotel certainly is the quickest and the most convenient one.

Choose quick and easy transport to the Museum

What other perks are linked with choosing this option? For starters, going on the Auschwitz tour from a hotel in Krakow will mean that you won’t have to walk or drive around the city to find the transport to the Museum. The driver will pick you up straight from your hotel. The other bonus is the comfort of the drive when it comes to this option. You have to remember that both cities are about 60-70 kilometers away from each other and the drive can last way over an hour, depending on the traffic that day. That is exactly why you want to choose the most comfortable means of transportation. Of course, every company that offers Auschwitz tours with pickup from hotels in Krakow will have a slightly different offer but overall this option provides the most benefits for visitors.

What to look for?

The first thing you should look for is the business that provides not only professional transport but also takes care of the whole organization of the trip. This way you won’t have to worry about buying tickets to the Auschwitz Museum, or reserving a guide speaking in your preferred language. You won’t have to think if you’re gonna be early or late – the drivers are usually very experienced, and you will arrive with some time to spare before the tour. You should also check, whether the company providing Auschwitz tour pickup from the hotel offers professional transport in a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle. And be sure to find out whether the driver who will pick you up from the hotel is speaking English. It is good to know that some companies offer extra bonuses like food during the drive or extra information about Auschwitz. Of course, while choosing the company that provides door-to-door Auschwitz Birkenau tours, you should look at the reviews left by the previous clients.

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