A short guide to Krakow Shuttle Tours

If you are planning to visit Krakow in the nearest future and you don’t know how to plan your stay (and of course you would like to see as much as you can)? If the answer is yes or maybe than you should definetely read this text! If not, than read it anyway and hopefully you will change your mind 🙂

Depending on how long you will stay in our city, you should plan your stay in different way:

1. 1-night stand

Staying in Krakow just for one night? Or just having short pit-stop in Krakow? First of all, try to stay in Krakow as long as you can and book your flight/train tickets for late evening. Then you will be able to visit city center during the afternoon as Krakow Rail Station is located in the Center and Airport Transfer will takie no longer than 20-30 minutes.

In the morning, consider joining our Tour to Auschwitz Birkenau Camp  as  that’s the place which is definetely  “must see” in Poland. I think we don’t need to explain it why…You will be back in the city center around 4 pm so you will still have enough time to visit city center.

2. City break for 2 nights

Congratulations, you will have enough time to visit all most important spots in Krakow. Our tip? Book Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour for one day and for the other plan to visit City Center and Jewish District Kazimierz. How to do it? Contact us and make a reservation for your private city guide on our City Walk. In the evenings discover excellant restaurants and vibrant Krakow’ nightlife at one of the bars or clubs. Last day before heading to the airport? Shindler’s Factory which located in Zablocie, near the Jewish District.

3. Satying in Krakow for 3 nights or longer

Lol, after this stay you will know this city almost as good as Krakowianin (Pole living in Krakow). Still keep one of your days for Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour and the other for  City Walk. What else? Our pick is Krakow off the beaten path: visiting Nowa Huta or joining Memorial Route. If the weather is nice, consider visit to Zakopane or Ojcow National Park.

Still not enough? Contact our office and we will be happy to help you and offer tailor made tours planned only for you!

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