The All Souls’ Day in Cracow is a very special time not only becauce of a unique mood you can feel and experience when you visit historic cementaries as Rakowice or Salwator but also because of the music. Jazz music. Why?

The Cracow Jazz All Souls’ Day Festival – you can belive it or not – is the oldest jazz festival in this really “jazzy” city of Cracow. The first edition took place in far far 50s of XX century, in the “golden age” of Polish improvised music, when many eminent jazz musicians performing in the worldwide level.

For over 50 years on Krakowskie Zaduszki Jazzowe (Polish name of the festival) many great artists has appeared on it’s stage, including suach a names as Woody Herman, Witold Kujawski, Andrzej Trzaskowski, Zbigniew Namysłowski or Janusz Muniak.

This year’s edition (54th) starts on Friday, October 30th. Concerts take place in various locations – Mile Stone Jazz Club on Nadwislanska St., well known Harris Piano Jazz Bar on Market Square, At Muniak’s Club, Uciecha Cinema on Starowislna St., famous “Piwnica Pod Baranami” (Market Square), MANGGHA – Centre/Museum of Japanese Art and Technology and even in The Main Concert Hall in Cracow. You can see program details at http://www.krakowskiezaduszkijazzowe.xt.pl/.

Apart from Cracow concerts of Jazz All Souls’ Day Festival are going to be played also in Wieliczka (in unique Salt Mine), Niepołomice, Trzebinia, Zabierzów and.. Chicago.

The Festival ends on 9th November by the solemn Jazz High Mass in Basilica of the Dominican Friars at 7.30 pm which is commemorate to all jazz musician who passed away.

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