5 reasons why it is worth visiting Krakow in winter:

If you think that Central Europe should come only in the spring or in the summer, nothing could be more wrong! We assure you that in January the sidewalks do not go polar bears, the temperature usually does not fall below – 10 degrees (at night, during the day it is warmer) and Krakow offers many attractions – which in addition are easily available in the winter due to less tourist traffic. Still not convinced? The following 5 reasons that we believe are sufficient at this time to plan your winter stay in Krakow:

1. Flights are cheaper! you can buy a return ticket starting from 10 GBP! Our recommendation: check www.skyscanner.net – travel searching site which compares also cheap airlines. Remember that usually flight from Tue to Thus are cheaper than during the weekend as well as the morning ones.

2. You can get a cheap travel package: KrakowShuttle offers a 2 or 3-nights package which includes door to door aiport transfers, one day Salt Mine and Auschwitz Tour and stay at Premium Bed and Breakfast in the Old Town with breakfast included for only 489 PLN per person, which is about 116 EUR/ 97 GBP! (pricer per person, min. booking for 2 people).

3. January is a month of sales! Clothing, electronics, cosmetics or anything else you would like to buy up to 70% off. Visit one of the shopping malls located in the Old Town (Galeria Krakowska or Galeria Kazimierz) and discover Polish and international brands.

4. You won’t waste your time waiting in queues or visiting crowded museums — in Jan and Feb Krakow is not so busy so you will feel more comfortable.

5. Krakow covered with snow looks amazing! Just bring with you warm clothes, gloves and hat and you will be fine, especially that hot mulled wine and other delicious hot drinks (like for example Krupnik – Polish alcohol served hot with lemon and spices) are waiting for you in every cafe or restaurant (as well as Polish soups and typical winter courses).

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