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What is this Krakow Travel Blog About?

If you are looking for the most interesting information about Krakow, MrShuttle Blog is your best choice. Krakow has been always very close to our hearts. Since our humble beginnings as KrakowShuttle, the old capital of Poland was our home base. Because of this, you can find tons of insider details about Krakow here! The best places to visit, hidden history of Krakow, and practical advice – we have it all. After all, who is better to ask than the locals, right? 

Best source of info about Krakow

To help you enjoy Poland and get the most out of your visit, we gather together descriptions, guides, trivia, and TOP rankings. While there is definitely certain excitement in exploring the new country blind, some bit of research and context can more than double the fun! Want to know where to eat? What things to see? Which clubs are worth partying at? You can find all of that here, and more. 

There are so many cool places to visit in Krakow that it is hard to choose which to see and which to skip, and in what order. Our guides and tours will help you make an informed choice – would you rather see Smok Wawelski or Krakow Plaza? Which churches are most impressive? Reading our blog will help you decide what is most interesting to you, and who knows – maybe we will convince you to give something you would otherwise skip a shot? Some things are way cooler than they appear at first! We love this city, and we try our best to help you appreciate what is best about it. 

Beyond Krakow – Zakopane, Auschwitz, Wieliczka

Of course, quintessential Krakow experience is more than just seeing the city itself. Places like Auschwitz, Wieliczka, and Zakopane are just a short car ride away. While they are incredibly popular places, it is easy to overlook them if you don’t know anything about Krakow. Even if you learn about them here, it will often be a challenge to fit the trip into your vacation plans. To help you with that, we make sure to keep up-to-date blog posts about these hot spots near Krakow. This way, if you don’t know why you should visit Zakopane or Wieliczka, you are just a click away from learning why. 

News and current events in Krakow

With our blog, you won’t miss any news. Krakow changes with seasons. There are many events and happenings that you can only catch within a limited time-frame. By following our blog, you will figure out what and when is going on in the city. Special Valentines Day offers? New Years Eve celebrations? Best concerts? You won’t miss a thing! 

While we have expanded and operate in other cities such as Gdansk and Warsaw, we will never love any other city as much as we love Krakow. If you want to share that passion with us, we welcome you here! Get cozy and listen to us talk about what makes Krakow the best city in Poland!

Map showing a fast car route from Krakow to Auschwitz Birkenau

Krakow to Auschwitz. How to get to Auschwitz from Krakow – 2020

Visiting Auschwitz is a daunting and morbid challenge. The emotional weight carried by the death camp is heavy and crushing. The process of actually reaching the Museum is also not as simple as it could be. Because Oświęcim is a … Read More

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Auchwitz Birkenau Concetration Death Camp

Where is Auschwitz located? Essentials about Auschwitz-Birkenau.

History of Auschwitz speaks for itself. Auschwitz is the location of the gravest crime and genocide in humanity’s history. Auschwitz-Birkenau is something we should strive to never forget. Many people from all over the world are willing to commemorate the … Read More

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A picture of Auschwitz Birkenau, with Traveler's Choice Best of the Best award for MrShuttle

Auschwitz & Salt Mine Tour – Top 10 Day Trip in 2020

We are proud to announce that MrShuttle’s Day Trip To Auschwitz & Salt Mine Tour from Krakow (including lunch) has been chosen by TripAdvisor travelers as one of Top 10 Day Trips in 2020. You might be wondering: what exactly … Read More

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Is it safe to travel to Polish cities like Krakow, Wieliczka, Auschwitz, Zakopane, and other Polish cities? – July 2020

Visiting Polish Cities – COVID-19 If you are reading this, you probably already decided to visit Poland for your Summer 2020 Vacations. Good choice! Perhaps you want to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau? Or Wieliczka Salt-Mine? However, an important question remains. Where to … Read More

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Visiting Auschwitz during COVID 19 – July 2020

Auschwitz Birkenau – History Worth Visiting Auschwitz Birkenau is one of the most recommended experiences when visiting Krakow. There are few historical landmarks as important as Auschwitz. Countless visitors pay their respects there every year. 2020, despite coronavirus pandemic, is … Read More

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Polish Borders reopened!

13.06.2020, Poland took another important step towards returning to normality and defrosting the economy. Just in time for the summer holiday season, the decision to open Polish borders went into effect. This is a happy moment for us all, and … Read More

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How far is Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow?

How far is Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow? What is Wieliczka, anyway? Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most famous landmarks around Krakow. It is not a surprise that we receive many questions from tourists and visitors about it. … Read More

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Krakow Travel Tips

Visiting Krakow So, you want to visit Krakow. Perhaps you’ve read all about the interesting and fun things to do here, and want to give it a try. Or maybe you want to see if it really deserves the title … Read More

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Krakow Nightlife

Krakow Nightlife As a city popular among students and tourists, Krakow is no stranger to parties. No matter if you’re visiting Poland in summer or winter, you can experience nightlife in Krakow at any time of the year. Finished with … Read More

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Visiting Auschwitz & Birkenau in 2020

New Rules Regarding Auschwitz Birkenau Reservations The year 2020 opens with some very important changes regarding visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau. If you want to come and see the famous museum, make sure to read up and stay tuned.  Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum decided to put … Read More

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Krakow New Years Eve Fireworks Sukiennice

New Year’s Eve in Krakow – what to do where to be

New Year’s Eve in Krakow – what to do where to be Planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Krakow this year? If yes, this post should help you with all difficulties! … Read More

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Where and What is Krakow all about!

What is Krakow History?

Krakow is a splendid city in southern Poland. Located along the Vistula river in Lesser Poland Voivodeship. For many centuries, it was the largest Polish city. In fact, until 1596, it was the Polish capital! Today, Cracow is the second-largest … Read More

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Where is Krakow?

Where is Krakow Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland and its previous capital. But where is Krakow? It is situated in southern Poland in the stunning Lesser Poland region. Krakow keeps getting more and more popular among tourists from … Read More

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Christmass Market

Everything you need to know about Krakow Christmas Market

Poland’s oldest and second largest city, Krakow, is beautiful all year round, but it turns into a fairytale destination during Christmas time. December is one of the best times to visit Krakow, when the city is decorated with Christmas lights … Read More

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What to do in Krakow – Top 10 List

Due to its importance in Poland’s history, Krakow is a must-visit for all history buffs. Sounds boring? Don’t worry, it has a lot to offer to all types of travelers. Located in the south of the country and not far … Read More

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Visiting Krakow in 2020

Visting Krakow in 2020 Krakow is the jewel of southern Poland. A proud and beautiful city, it can boast almost 1000 years of recorded history, and more than that in oral tradition and folk tales. For the longest time, Krakow … Read More

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how much is an auschwitz tour

How much is the Auschwitz tour?

How much is the Auschwitz tour? Are you wondering how much is Auschwitz tour?  Let’s find out. Auschwitz Birkenau, without a doubt, is one of the most visited places in Poland, both by Polish and foreign tourists. So if you’re planning on … Read More

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Auschwitz II BIrkenau Baracks

Auschwitz tour pickup from hotel

While visiting the south of Poland, there are tons of interesting places to see. But if you have some time to spare you should venture a little bit outside of Krakow and go to the Auschwitz Museum, which is one … Read More

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Visiting Auschwitz – why it’s worth to go there

Visiting Auschwitz – why it’s worth to go there

If you’re planning a trip to Krakow you probably already have a quite long list of the attractions you want to see. It’s no surprise – the capital city of the south of Poland is filled with antique buildings, interesting … Read More

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How to visit Auschwitz – with guide or not?

How to visit Auschwitz – with a guide or not?

Are you a tourist that plans to visit Krakow in the nearby future? If so, then you’ve probably already heard or read bits of advice that say you should travel a little further outside the city and visit other places … Read More

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