Shooting tours in Krakow

Shooting tours become more popular way of active leisure. Evidence of the growing interest in this kind of relax is an increased number of opening shooting ranges. Also in Kraków you have an opportunity to join with friends offered trips … Read More

EXPLORING LESSER POLAND: Kalwaria Zebrzydowska as a place of pilgrimage

Are you interested in pilgrimage? Monuments inscribed on the UNESCO list are not strange to you? So for sure, you must choose Kalwaria! What is all about? Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is a town in southern Poland, famous for its mannerist building … Read More

Exploring Lesser Poland: NOWA HUTA– socialist district of Kraków

You are in Kraków and want to see something else than old churchies, castle or the biggest european market square? Go to Nowa Huta, the postindustrial Kraków’s district What is all about? Nowa Huta is a district of Kraków, located … Read More

12th Pierogi Festival in Kraków: 12-17 August 2014

If you would like to try polish cuisine and the one of the most known dish: pierogi (dumplings), you have to be in Kraków in the second week of August! 12th Pierogi Festival starts on 12th! What is all about? … Read More